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Doing The Wave

I did the Wave last night! No, not standing and raising my arms at a sporting event. I did a show along with guitar genius Jami Gee, drummer Eddie James Liashek, and Scott Stevenson on bass at The Wave Grill at Ramada Venice Resort Hotel. Everything about last night was extraordinary. Therefore, I have to share it with all of you.  First of all, the hotel itself is a work of art right down to the bathroom and very elegant. When you walk in the front door you immediately feel like you have stepped into a tropical resort.

Live Music Venice Florida

They have floor to ceiling windows with white sheer drapes, potted palm trees and aloe plants. The pristine pastel colored decor is accented with brightly colored decorative pieces with the giant orange chair in the front hallway being my favorite. Normally I wouldn’t mention a bathroom, but this one is just so beautiful. In fact while I was washing my hands at their unique sink, a woman walked out and came right back in and touched the green wallpaper. She said, “Oh I had to take another look!” She touched the wallpaper and then walked out the door. I agree with her, it is totally worth taking a second look. If you are curious about what made the sink so unique, I won’t tell you. It’s something you have to go and see for yourself. I don’t want to spoil the experience for you.

The manager Rob Loseto and the employees at The Wave Grill are another reason I had such a wonderful time. They were extremely friendly and accommodating to all of us making sure we had everything we needed for our show. As soon as I arrived, the staff was eager to assist me in transporting my equipment to the stage. My parents usually help me carry everything so I know they were happy. Then, while the band and I were setting up, a waiter brought over glasses with two pitchers of ice cold water without even being asked. They treated us so well and I am very grateful to Rob and all of the Wave Grill employees.  

Ramada Inn Venice FloridaWhen I eat out I want good food and The Wave Grill has it. I’ve eaten there before and the food has always been amazing. Last night was no different when I ordered a bacon cheeseburger and fries. Now, I wish I had taken a photo for all of you, but it looked so good and juicy, all I could think about at that time was eating. The burger was so huge I couldn’t even finish it all, but it was delicious. I also had to try a friend’s sweet potato fries. They were yummy! I know what I will be ordering on my next visit there. Although I’ve only had dinner at the Wave Grill, they serve breakfast and lunch and I feel certain it would be just as scrumptious as their dinner.

There is no doubt I enjoy being on stage, but having the opportunity to perform in such a beautiful place was remarkable. Hopefully, I will get to do it again and you all will join me because you have to see this place, meet their staff, and try their food. You will feel as if you are on vacation. Even if I’m not there, go ahead and indulge yourselves and be sure to have some sweet potato fries for me.

Savannah Brady’s Bio:
Savannah has studied violin for nine years and guitar for two years. Her violin teacher is Cynthia Wiley and her guitar teacher is Jami Gee. She has attended several Suzuki Violin workshops and Sarasota Youth Orchestra’s Summer with the Symphony programs. Savannah enjoys playing music and tries to take advantage of every opportunity to perform. She has played violin with the North Port Symphony Orchestra, acted in numerous productions with Charlotte Players, performed in Ladies Sing the Blues, and is a member of the Jami Gee Jr. All-Stars. Savannah’s most recent accomplishment was receiving her third gold cup for earning superior scores at the district festival through the Florida Federation of Music Clubs. You can find Savannah playing and singing around the community at various venues.

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