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Mark Kracker

Chasing Mark Kracker

| Sande Caplin |

Friday, August 24, 2013…..there was a lot of entertainment going on in the Sarasota – Bradenton area.  So much, that I certainly can’t list them all in this article!  That is why Don McKeon’s is such a great website.   You can get “all” of the entertainment in our area at their website.   Many of you know Mark Kracker.  I met Mark several years ago at the Flying Dog Cafe.  He is truly a great guy!   The “Associates”  (Sande Caplin & Associates) went out on the town last night!  Mark Kracker, photographer extraordinaire helped me with organizing the night’s events.  Mark has joined our team and you can see his awesome photos on several of our websites, including the Swordfish Grill, Faith Presbyterian Church, Dial Hope, Lauren Mitchell Band, Kettle of Fish and more.

Photographer Mark Kracker, Sarasota Bradenton FloridaMark sometimes has a plan and sometimes, not!  Last night he had a plan and we followed him around town knowing that he would be taking great photos.  We started at the Swordfish Grill where our friend Mark Bartlett and his warm and friendly staff made us feel right at home.  One of Mark’s “right hand” managers, Tara (the beautiful young lady with the big smile on her face) made sure we had a great night.  And, why wouldn’t we.  My guys enjoyed a fabulous meal from Ahi Tuna, to a delicious Shrimp Burger, Crab Cake Sandwich, and Mark Kracker enjoyed his favorite Shrimp, Mahi and Clam Strips.  And yes, we all had a couple of cold beers to wash down the fabulous dinner.

Savannah BradySavannah Brady and Jami Gee serenaded the nice crowd with really special music.  Jami’s guitar, along with Savannah’s very special electric violin and guitar playing made for a very special night.  Savannah’s parents Jodie and Tom had a fabulous time.   Mark was moving around the restaurant getting shots that only Mark can get.   Next…… to the “Blue Marlin.”

I’ve never been to the “Blue Marlin.”  Dana Lawrence and “Kettle of Fish” were playing there last night and with the announcement of their new website,, we had to check it out.  Unfortunately, we did not hook up with Mark there, so no photos.  The “Blue Marlin” is a find!  Very unique!  Indoor & outdoor restaurant and outdoor music venue.  Dana and the boys were outstanding and we had a lot of fun.  Lot’s of nice folks at the “Blue Marlin” and we’re going back.  Put this great place on your “go to” list.

Lauren Mitchell BandAnd last but not least…..I knew where we would find Mark Kracker to complete our night……Ace’s on Cortez Road in Bradenton.  The Lauren Mitchell Band was performing there.  I met Lauren over 2 years ago before the band was officially the band!  We all know how far the Lauren Mitchell Band has come entertaining not only in Florida, but also the Carolina’s, Ohio, Kentucky, Canada and more.  Lauren has a very dear special place in my heart.   We have done lots of great stuff together and her website is one our best.  Lauren made me feel like a celebrity last night and went out of her way to make a special introduction about my team and the website.  Very classy, Lauren and thank you!

And yes, Mark Kracker was in every nook and cranny of Ace’s last night getting photos that only he can do!

It was a very memorable night.  Thanks again to Mark Bartlett and your wonderful team at the Swordfish Grill, Savannah Brady, Jami Gee, the nice folks at the Blue Marlin, Kettle of Fish, the awesome folks at Ace’s and of course Lauren Mitchell, Mike “The Professor” Hensley and the boys of the Lauren Mitchell Band.

Thank you, Mark Kracker for sharing your photos of our wonderful town.  And yes, all of the photos in this article are by Mark Kracker.

Here are 3 great websites to take a look at:

1)  Lauren Mitchell Band

2)  Swordfish Grill

3)  Kettle of Fish

And…….A Public Service Announcement.  We are announcing the “unofficial” launch of Our New Website!  Take a look and let us know what you think!  We’re really excited.


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