Bradenton Musician Butch Castetter Releases New CD

Bradenton Musician Butch Castetter Releases New CD

Controls Engineer by day, rock star by night! You can see and hear Butch play around Manatee county. He can be seen at the Cortez Clam Factory on Tuesday night when they have their Clam Jam. You can hear and buy his music on his website anytime! Most people would consider Butch to be in the Americana genre of music. But he is an eclectic musician: he also plays Acoustic, Swamp Pop, R&B, Classic and Southern Rock, and Soul. He comes from Indianapolis, Indiana and has been influenced by midwestern music from Chicago, Illinois to Louisville, Kentucky.

Butch writes music that people love to hear. Great melodies and lyrics that tell a tale. Some happy, some sad, some just plain fun! He has three CD’s so far and hopes to make more soon.

Butch Castetter on the stage at the Cortez Clam Factory Clam Jam.“Swim Real Fast” (released in 2005) is his first CD and one of the songs on it (“It’s a Dog’s Life”) was named ‘track of the day’ on GarageBand. The title track (“Swim Real Fast”) was listed on Rolling Stone Magazine Playlist of the Day on March 28, 2007.

His second CD is called “419 North” and is considered Americana Rock. This was the address of the house where Butch grew up. The second track (“Dive Right In”) tells of actual events. The eighth track (“She’s Good Lookin”) was written about a selfish woman who is like one of the characters of “Desperate Housewives”. This CD will leave you feeling hopeful even though things may be tough right now.

“Tiki Mama” came out in 2017 and once you hear the title track you’ll be humming it all day! It’s a catchy tune with an island feel to it.
This year, according to Roots Music Report on August 25, Butch had 3 of his songs make it to the Top 50 Americana Country Song Chart! He got airplay on over 80 radio stations.

You can sample Butch’s music on his website and you’ll be seeing him live and in person soon.  Website by Sande Caplin & Associates!

Photos courtesy of Sande Caplin & Associates and Butch Castetter FB page.


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