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Bluestar Band, Real Deal Blues, to perform at the Old Packinghouse Café Saturday night, June 24th

| Beth Hammer |

The Blues started quite a while ago. Some folks borrowed from it. Some folks copied the blues. Some folks changed it up and called it JAZZ.

Authentic Blues is what folks are really looking for.

You can’t just sing the blues.

You can’t just play the blues.

You gotta live the blues.

Johnny Guitar began playing the blues, singing the blues, at a very young age. His songs and lyrics cut to the heart of what the blues is all about. And when he sits down his guitar and picks up the microphone, walking into the audience, singing from his soul, people understand that.

Johnny sings some old favorite rhythm and blues, but he mostly loves singing his own songs. Most talk about love, and folks treating their loved ones wrong. You may find him down on his knees, singing to his audience, any night.

Bluestar Band brings you real-deal blues, with our lineup of true blues professionals. Johnny Guitar lives the blues, from top to bottom. And he’ll arrive polished, dressed like a bluesman (never in cutoffs and jeans!) Johnny has been playing the blues for most of his life, in Tampa, St. Petersburg, and other cities on Florida’s west coast.

Oren “Doc” Plous has an exceptional career as a retinal surgeon, but “Doc” makes the keyboards sing when he plays with Bluestar. Usually seen between two keyboards (and sometimes one of his Hammond B3’s) his ability to transpose and add content to the band is truly amazing. It’s no wonder Oren is a favorite for Soul Bluesman Johnny Rawls joining him for appearances at festivals in Chicago, and on the annual Blues Cruise.

Kevin O’Connor was born to play the blues. When he lived in Chicago he played with west side blues legend Jimmy Dawkins and his bass player Cornelius Boyson from the Howlin’ Wolf band of the ’60s and also Wolfs’ drummer Ray Scott. He played festivals as a hot shot young guitarist and jammed with the locals including Jumping Willie at Joetta’s New Look Bar on the west side, Lefty Diz and Jimmy Smith up on the north side.

Beth the Velvet Hammer is a blues bass player who also hosts a blues music show on WSLR Radio in Sarasota. Bluestar can provide a night of entertainment, at a level that won’t hurt your ears. And if you love the blues, you just can’t get any closer than this! Our drummer, keyboard player and saxophone are always the best!

Old Packinghouse Café
987 S. Packinghouse Road
Sarasota, FL 34232

Photo by Chris Thibault

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