BC and the Gang

BC, The Gang and Savannah!

There was some show at the Blu Que Island Grill Jam on Thursday with “BC” and The GANG!
There was an incredible evening of music! We had invited a young lady, Savannah Brady, to come and jam with us.  This young lady who just turned 15 yrs old, has played the fiddle for awhile, and has 2 years of guitar playing “under her skirts!” 

Well, let me tell you, when Savannah picked up her beautiful Les Paul Gibson guitar…it sang, right along with her vocals!  The band was wowed, the audience was wowed! That’s saying a lot, since BC has played with such greats as Ray Charles, Bo Diddley, and Lou Rawls, not to mention his well known band “Eclipse”! This little lady was awesome! Her “wholesomeness” shone through!

Savannah BradyWe send out very special thanks to her parents, Jodie & Tom, who drove her up from Northport and..to Jami Gee, her teacher, and mentor, who have taken a HUGE part in Savannah’s “playing”!
Savannah, thank you SO much for gracing our stage with your playing & singing. You are welcome on “our” stage for ANY of our jams! It is our hope that we will ALWAYS see the closeness your family shares, and that your wholesomeness will remain untarnished!   It was a night that won’t be forgotten.

Wendy Joffe is the “guest contributor” for this aritlce.
Photos by Jodie Brady.

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