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Arthur Tanturri- My Favorite Record Album By Blood Sweat and Tears

Let me start by saying that it took less than a few seconds to name my favorite all time album. It is “Blood Sweat and Tears “second album released in 1968 simply titled “Blood Sweat and Tears”. There are several reasons why I’m so attached to this record. The first being the world class style drumming by Bobby Colomby. Bobby brought his jazz drumming style and expertise into the rock music scene on this album. Immediately his style caught my attention having grown up listening to and watching Buddy Rich and Ed Shaughnessy from Johnny Carson’s ’Tonight Show” band.

My big brother Jimmy had the album and knew how much I liked it and for my 15th birthday he took me to see the band at the well-known “Island Garden Arena” in West Hempstead NY. The opening act was “The Chambers Brothers”. A better birthday gift could never be had! I was blown away by both bands. Right then at that concert I began my journey to play and sound like Bobby. My parents were good enough to me that they brought me to take lessons from Charlie Perry who at my request transcribed most of the songs on the album so I could play note for note along with the album.

The band was started by Al Kooper, Randy Brecker and Jerry Weiss who were late replaced by lead singer David Clayton Thomas. The producer assigned to the album was William Guercio who at the same time was working with a NEW band called “Chicago”. The album received a Grammy award in 1970 and has a quadruple platinum certification. The songs on this album have depth and lyrical content that are etched in my mind and soul forever. And of course my special thank you to Mr. Bobby Colomby for leading all the young drummers in the 60’s to the place we love today.  (note: Art Tanturri lives in Sarasota area and plays drums for The Venturas and the Saraosta Rhythm Section)

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