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| Sande Caplin |

This is a VERY special event! It’s not only the TUCCI release party for the new CD, “Olivia”, with special guest Larry McCray, but also the Grand Opening of Shriners Live! Yes, the Sarasota Shriners on Beneva are starting a concert series at their facility, right here in Sarasota.

Steve Tucci, a long time Sarasota resident, is probably more recently remembered as a member of the Toler-Tucci Band.  His new band, TUCCI, has expanded their repertoire of music to include Funk, Blues, Soul, Jazz, R&B, and Rock!  The members of TUCCI are:  Steve Tucci, his son Michael, Harry DeBusk, and their newest member, sax player Don Mark (suffice to say that the word “killer” is most apropos).  They spend most of their time playing south of Sarasota, so needless to say, this night at the Shrine is going to be a real treat for our locals!

TUCCI’s newest CD “Olivia” was named in honor of his grand-daughter, who was born earlier this year, which makes the success of this CD a very personal one for Steve. Bud Snyder is the co-producer and co-engineer, recording and mixing the music at Spirit Ranch.  There is a long list of talent that have contributed to this CD.  To name a few: Dan Toler, Shawn Murphy, Chaz Trippy, Rick Bloomquist, Bob Dielman, Michael Finley, Jack Forseen, Bruce Glasberg, Patrick Lynch, Al Owen, Koko Ray, Donnie Richards, Dan Ryan, and Ira Stanley.

Of course, the major contributing artist of TUCCI’s CD, “Olivia”, is Larry McCray.  With 9 of his own CD’s, Larry is an internationally-renowned blues player. When not on tour, he spends a good bit of time playing around Chicago.  With the three Kings as his influence (BB, Freddie and Albert), Larry has taken the lead as one of the current “Blues Greats,” touring with legends like Albert Collins.  His most recent CD includes guitar virtuosos Dickey Betts, Derek Trucks, David Hildago and Jimmy Herring.  After this show with Tucci, Larry is on his way to play at Buddy Guy’s Legends in Chicago, so this is a special night for our Sarasota music lovers.

Larry McCray

The pairing of Tucci and McCray is extraordinary, it seems that they bring out the absolute best in each other, making this CD one that will withstand the test of time.  This CD has been a long time in the making and now that it’s finally here, the celebration is going to be memorable.  

To open this show is Sarasota’s own Mike Kach Group!  As most of us know, Mike is the former keyboard player and singer of the Dickey Betts and Great Southern Band.  Mike had recently taken a sabbatical from live music for the last year.  Well, if you haven’t already heard, Mike is BACK!  He’s out playing his keys and performing again to local audiences.   Mike (along with Frankie Lombardi, Burt Engelsman, Mark Serio and Pat McDonald) will get this party started at 8p.

What a star-studded musical package for the Sahib Shrines’ first in their Live Concert Series.  This venue is a diamond in the rough; a golden place that nobody notices.  Inside this quiet building is a 300 seat auditorium-sized room with a stage, lights and sound system.  With a full kitchen and liquor bar, this place has  everything needed to accommodate many rocking concerts.  After this initial TUCCI CD Release Party, the Shrine is planning on monthly (possibly working into weekly) live music concerts of local, regional and touring bands.

Preshow tickets at
Tix $10 preshow and $15 at door.
Doors open 7:30 PM
Music starts 8 PM.

Don’t miss this live event. It’s going to be one to remember!

Live Music Sarasota Florida
photos by Gail Grimm Gerdes

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