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our Teenagers are Leaving Facebook in a Rapid Fashion

Your Teenagers are Leaving Facebook in a Rapid Fashion

| Sande Caplin |

Facebook is no longer the social media platform of choice for teenagers living in the U.S. from ages 13 to 17.  The latest survey by the Pew Research Center show that 51% of teens in the U.S. use Facebook compared with 85% for YouTube, 72% for Instagram and 69% for Snapchat.

This is a huge change from when the last survey was taken in 2014-2015.  There are a lot more social media choice for teens to view.  The environment has drastically changed from just a few years ago.

The upswing for Snapchat was 28% and 20% for Instagram.  It is obvious that YouTube which is a video streaming site gets the most use for video and music.

Other important facts that came out of the survey were that nearly half of the teens surveyed said that were on the internet almost constantly which is up close to 25% from 2015 and nearly 90% are on line multiple times every day.

This information is not new for Facebook.  The social media company has been struggling to keep teens plugged in to the social media outlet.

How about your teenagers?  Are you aware as to their Social Media preferences.  We would love to hear from you.  Send your information to or leave a comment at the bottom of this storoy.

Click Here for the results of the Pew Research Survey. 

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