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vacations are better than staycations

Why Vacations are Better than Staycations (Especially Now)

| Barry Foster |

We here at floridafuntravel have been touring the Sunshine State now for a good while. It did not take us long to figure out why vacations are better than staycations – and you don’t have to travel that far to vacation.

True, we are centrally located in the best state in the union for a vacation. That makes it easy for us. There are sites like One Tank Trips and Florida Backroads that show how easy it is to get away for a day trip wherever you are.

Now, when we are at home, there are great little places we can go to on a one day outing. But let’s be honest – we go then we come back home. And when we’re are at the house we see a thousand things to do. There’s projects in the yard, there’s house work and house cleaning. All these things nag at us – and we bet they nag at you as well.

Hit the road for vacation

But when we hit the road for an overnighter, as we leave our driveway there is an overwhelming sense of freedom and adventure that overtakes us. With every turn of the wheel, we are closer to a new restaurant, a new attraction and a new lodging.

We are going to be gone for a while. We will arrive at a fresh, cleaned room that is just waiting for us. We will be dining at places where they prepare the food, bring it to the table and clean it up after we leave.

Additionally, we may find points of interest to explore. Whether it be a park, a cool little shop, a tourist attraction or whatever. There will be new experiences for us right around the corner.

As Florida reopens

boat full of sponges
Tarpon Springs is one of our favorite travel destinations and we always come back with a sponge or two.

Moreover, as Florida reopens, there are deals everywhere. Our biggest problem has been deciding where to visit. Shall we go up to Tarpon Springs or over to Vero Beach. A quiet weekend on the St. John’s River or maybe a trip over to the fun and quirky Solomon’s Castle.

And as the state’s restaurants and attractions begin to reopen, many of the employees are glad to get back to work. They are glad to see customers and we as customers are glad to get back on the road.

Not only do we tip well, to help some of these folks who are trying to get back on their feet, but we try in every way to engage them in pleasant conversation and ask for travel suggestions as to where to go and what to see.

Making memories is valuable

It really comes down to a cost-benefit analysis. Sure, we could stay at the house and go to one of the local haunts. But in the end, the small amounts of money we could save is dwarfed by the relaxation we enjoy and the memories we make.

boats on a lake
Our time on the St. John’s River was a very special getaway.

This whole situation has brought to our attention that we are “in-state tourists.” This is a mantle we embrace. As we said before, we have been touring the Sunshine State for quite some long time now. Even so, there are so many places we have yet to experience.

For instance, did you know there’s a vacation getaway for the Amish here in Florida? We also have been looking at the Forgotten Coast and a pilgrimage to the home of the inventor of air conditioning. There also are some well-known attractions we have not visited – such as the Coral Castle.

These things and more have been calling our name – and we hope you too will answer the call. Just take a look. You would be surprised what a 100-mile trip could bring to you. There are wonderful restaurants, cool little motels and great attractions that are just beyond the horizon.

Take the opportunity. You can create memories and help the Florida economy all at the same time. Moreover, you too can become “in-state tourists.” This is why we say, “vacations are better than staycations!”

Photos from Barry Foster.

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