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What You Should Know About Gun Laws Around the USA (And How Florida Compares)

| Suncoast Post Staff |

While gun ownership is an option in all parts of America, the laws that govern firearms actually differ significantly from state to state.

Understanding how different rules and regulations compare across the US is useful whether or not you intend to purchase or use a gun yourself, so let’s talk about the state of play in Florida and weigh this up against other regions.

Florida: Home to comparatively lenient gun laws

For starters, it’s worth pointing out that while there are stringent requirements governing who is eligible to buy a gun in Florida, the rest of the laws are relatively relaxed.

So long as you have not been convicted of a felony, and you’re a resident of the state aged 21 or above, you should have a good chance of being approved. Furthermore, you can buy as many guns as you like, with a three day cooling off period put in place.

It’s even possible to carry a concealed weapon, although open carry is illegal, which is an option elsewhere, as we’ll discover.

Texas: A place where you can carry a firearm in a holster without a permit

A recent change to the law in Texas means that anyone who owns a handgun is able to wear it holstered on their person in full view of others without needing to apply for a permit from the state to do so.

There are exceptions, as anyone managing a business has the right to ban handguns from their premises. This also applies unilaterally to airports, schools, courthouses and amusement parks, for obvious reasons.

New Jersey: One of the strictest states for gun laws

Not only are the gun laws in NJ tighter than elsewhere, with people charged with possession of illegal weapons facing major fines and jail time, but a new bill could make them even tougher, impacting people who want to own firearms legally.

Before you can even buy a gun, you need to apply for a specific identification card if the weapon is a rifle or a shotgun. In the case that it’s a handgun, a permit must be sought, and the same applies for purchasing ammunition.

Moreover you can’t just go wild with purchasing weaponry, but can only buy one handgun at a time. For multiple gun purchases, multiple licenses are a necessity.

Permits are granted through police departments, and as well as a background check, you’ll need a pair of references from upstanding members of the community who are not directly related to you.

Arizona: Arguably the most gun-friendly state nationwide

There are a lot of different ways to assess the gun-friendliness of states in the US, and the laws that govern firearm ownership and use are just one aspect of this.

When you take into account Arizona’s laws, as well as its culture, it’s the least stringent regarding gun ownership than anywhere else.

Like Texas, you don’t need to get a permit to carry a gun, and moreover if you’re purchasing a weapon from a private individual, you don’t even need to go through a background check. You just need to be at least 18 years old, or 21 if you’re purchasing from a firearms dealer.

Open carry is also allowed here, and concealed carry is legal for the over-21s with no need for a permit either.

Final thoughts

We’ve looked at different approaches to gun control, and hopefully shown you that there really is significant variation throughout the states. Being clued up will help you avoid making mistakes on your cross-country travels.

Image Source: Pexels

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