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Tom Brady

What to expect from Tom Brady and the Bucs this season?

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Of course, the legendary quarterback had decided to retire following the end of the 2021 NFL Season after being unable to retain their Super Bowl crown from the year before after they were defeated by the Los Angeles Rams in the NFC Divisional Game to the eventual Super Bowl LVI champions.

Tom Brady’s retirement did not last long

Following a host of speculation from NFL media and insiders, Brady finally decided to call it a day on February 1, 2022, however as we know, it was only a matter of weeks as he confirmed on March 13, 2022, that he would be returning for the upcoming campaign and would be seeing out the final year of his Tampa Bay Buccaneers contract.

After being spotted talking to Cristiano Ronaldo at the end of a Manchester United match against Tottenham Hotspur in the English Premier League that he was invited to attend by the Glazers – the owners of the Bucs and the soccer club – he appeared to be asked by one of the other GOAT sportsmen to have ever lived whether he was done and did not appear to be convinced that he was, thus the announcement that was made the next day.

Whether the conversation was the reason or the fact that Brady simply could not end his career in a losing effort remains to be seen, however you can be sure everyone in Tampa Bay will have been delighted with the decision to retract his retirement plans and suit up for at least one more season. Let’s not forget, his first season with the organization saw him lead them to the Super Bowl!

Tampa Bay Buccaneers and fans will have been left delighted with his return

The Buccaneers would have been left pondering what to do with the meteoric-sized hole that TB12 would have left if he decided to pursue other interests away from playing in the NFL, as the quarterback’s cleats would have been difficult to fill in a variety of ways.

On the field, the franchise only has Kyle Trask signed as of March 25, with Blaine Gabbert a free agent. Trask was drafted in the 2021 NFL Draft in the second round as the 64th pick and is yet to take a professional snap since entering the league for the organization.

Furthermore, Brady’s influence and presence on the field and in the locker room will have been exceptionally difficult to replace, whilst it would have been instantly noticeable. There would have been a number of teams that would have felt that they had a chance of beating the Bucs in upcoming matches, despite the array of talent the organization has on both sides of the ball beyond the elite QB.

There will have been a number of fans and personnel around the franchise that may have been a little concerned with what the future held for the Bucs in the upcoming season, but Brady’s return will have given them some breathing space and some much-needed additional time to look at trying to implement a plan that will solve his eventual retirement.

Of course, the return to the team will have left many feeling that the 2022 NFL Season could be the perfect swansong for him, as they will feel that it will simply provide him with even more fire within him and increase his desire to add to his Super Bowl ring collection.

Naturally, many will have likely also believed his return could be a great opportunity for them to enjoy NFL sports betting a little more this season, as there will be some that would find it incredibly hard to wager against him.

Indeed, betting on NFL matches has become incredibly popular around the U.S. since the continued rise of sports betting activities and the relaxation of restrictions across multiple states in recent years, and many may feel Brady has a point to prove after how last season ended.

There will have been a large portion of bettors who would have placed a wager on seeing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers retain their Super Bowl title from the year before, especially as TB12 was playing at the same level he has managed to do for years.

So, what can we expect from him and the Buccaneers in the upcoming season?

Expect Brady and the Bucs to have a fire burning within them in 2022

As we have mentioned, everyone at the Bucs will have been disappointed and rather upset with how last year’s campaign had come to an end, and those at the club will want to ensure that they come back with a vengeance, especially now they know that Brady will be back in position to lead the shots down the field.

Bruce Arians and co saw their chances of retaining the title in the NFC Divisional Game come to an end at the hands of the Los Angeles Rams as they saw their opponents obtain a 30-27 victory after Matt Stafford led the Rams down the field to set up a field goal attempt with four seconds on the clock; a kick that Matt Gay managed to convert successfully and knock the Bucs out.

Of course, the way that they lost would have been crushing and many will have thought about it, however there is an incredible stat that involves Brady when he loses a Super Bowl the year after he wins one. In fact, that stat would actually suggest that the Bucs could be lifting the Vince Lombardi trophy next year if it continues to follow suit.

As per ESPN’s NFL Insider Field Yates on Twitter, Brady has a remarkable record that dates back to 2013 which shows that he will win the Super Bowl and then lose in the playoffs or the main game in alternate years. Indeed, if that record continues to take place, then it would not be a surprise to see him acquire his eighth ring next February!

Furthermore, the Bucs have managed to retain most of their key players this season after restructuring or re-signing individuals to new contracts, with players such as Chris Godwin, Leonard Fournette, and Ryan Jenson amongst a few to have agreed to new terms. Additionally, free agents including Logan Ryan have been added to the secondary. Ali Marpet’s retirement might be one of the only downsides currently, though.


There is no doubt that Brady’s return to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will have been a major boost for their Super Bowl LVII hopes this season, and with the record that he has and the talented weapons and players he has around him, it would not be a surprise if we were to see another victorious run for TB12, especially given the circumstances that have happened recently!

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