What Should Be In Every Beach Visitors Bag this Summer on the Suncoast

If you live here on the Suncoast, visiting the beach is probably a somewhat regular occurrence. However, if visiting, this might be a new novelty for your to take in. From Lido to Venice and Siesta to the shores of Clearwater Beach, the waters of the Suncoast must be experienced to appreciate fully. That said, when packing for a day at the beach, the temperatures, blistering sun, and other such nuances of these paradise attractions need to be considered. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the biggest must-haves when packing for a day on the shores of the Suncoast.

Sun Protection

Now you probably think this is a no-brainer and of course, no one should go to the beach without sunscreen applied. It is not just a quick spritz or lotion down once, but rather remember to bring plenty of sunscreen for reapplication. The FDA recommends reapplying at least every two hours and more often if you’re sweating or jumping in and out of the water. Of course, remembering kids and others in your party also should be taken into consideration. Also, remember lip balms for those lips to protect and eyewear to shade from UV light for the best all-over protection.

Items for Beach Bag


But of course, we will be swimming and need to towel off. That is a given for most attending the beach, but remember extra-large towels to help protect from the sand if you are not bringing chairs. Additionally, making them large enough to help protect if you wish to lay, play or even eat. Towels become a critical part of a day on the beach, not just for slacking the moisture off when out of the water, but for many other purposes.


Water or other electrolyte-heavy hydration should be in every beach visitor’s bag this summer. For every pound of sweat, you lose, that’s a pint of water needed to replenish. Anyone who has spent any amount of time in our blazing heat here on the Suncoast knows, sweat is a given. Sugary drinks and others can actually cause hydration and other issues in the heat, so ensuring you have the right hydration for your beach visit is critical.


You absolutely will see sites out on the Suncoast beaches you want to capture for posterity. Sunsets to rival none other, shells, waves, crazy beachgoers, boats, and a million other shots will be framed for you on your trip to the beach. Be sure if your phone doesn’t take the best photos, you equip yourself with a camera to send pictures back to those relatives and friends who might not live in such picturesque settings.


Flip Flops

Many will wrinkle their head at this one in confusion. Flip-flops when I’m going to the beach? Oh, you have definitely not tried to walk on those toasty sand crystals in the middle of the day. While that sand looks pretty, white, and perfectly suited to sink your toes into, do not be deceived. It can be hot, impassable, and treacherous to cross if you try mid-day. So go ahead and stow a pair of trusty flip-flops in your bag – you will thank us later.

Cover It Up

We know you are going to the beach to catch some rays, get in the water, and show off that hard work from the gym. It might seem farfetched somewhere along the way. You probably will get to the point where a big floppy hat to block the sun, to a nice coverup to soothe that hot skin from the rays of the sun would be appreciated. When packing your perfect beach tote, go ahead and throw it in there for good measure, just in case there is a point you would like to cover up just a bit from the Suncoast sunshine.

There you have it, our essential beach list. Sure there are other like to haves such as snacks that won’t melt but can fill you up or even beach toys for the kiddos. This list, though, is the one that ensures you all come home happy, healthy, hopefully not burnt with lots of memories captured for those winter days that are coming not so long from now. Go ahead check the list twice. Pack that cute new beach tote, and let’s get out there and enjoy the beaches today!

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