What is Kratom, and Why Did They Ban it in Sarasota Country?

What is Kratom, and Why Did They Ban it in Sarasota County?

There are several herbs in the world, which reserve a concrete spot for themselves in the spotlight. One such plant, which remains in the news for all the wrong reasons, is none other than kratom.If you don’t know, it is a tropical herb that is native to Southeast Asia. If you ever visit Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, you will come across several kratom plants throughout these countries. The current net worth of the plant is expected to be around $1.13 billion with over millions of consumers across the globe.

What are The Effects of Kratom?

Just like any other natural herb, kratom has several effects on the body. People who are active consumers of this plant claim it helps in curtailing anxiety and depression. However, medical research doesn’t approve of any health benefits of this plant. That’s not the end of the discussion, kratom fans swoon over the plant so much so, they claim it helps in improving sexual health and can treat severe body pains.

One thing medical science is sure about are the side effects of this plant. Kratom has several side effects, which cannot be overlooked at all. Some of the common proven side effects experienced by a lot of people are nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, bloatedness, weight loss, kidney failure, liver damage, acne, constipation, etc. This is the main reason why doctors request people to keep away from it. Even a light dosage of kratom can cause massive damage to the body.

Is Kratom Legal in Sarasota County?

Despite being widely available in the US, kratom is banned in Sarasota county. This state is known for its cosmopolitan culture and an open attitude towards life but has a strict check on drugs and medicines. It is essential to note, kratom is consumed by many residents of that state but still is not widely available across the state. The possession of Kratom is a serious crime in Sarasota. Although, you can consume kratom in different parts of Florida, consuming it in Sarasota carries repercussions.

If you are caught in the first offense, you will have to serve 60 days in jail and pay a fine of $500. Kratom is mostly consumed in the form of powder but is available in different forms, such as beverages, snacks, and food items in discrete areas of Sarasota.

Where to Get Kratom in Sarasota County?

The best way to buy kratom in Sarasota county is to order it online. With the fear of being caught by the state authorities, many reputable kratom vendors sell it online. Ever heard of kratom crazy? This website is a veteran kratom vendor that has been operating for more than ten years now. They sell kratom in the form of powder, capsules and even raw plants. Make sure to read customer reviews before you register a purchase.

However, you can get kratom from small local smoke shops as well. Make sure you don’t consume it publically; otherwise the local authorities will hound you on the spot.

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