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Watermelon Craze On the Suncoast

| Jodi Schwarzenbach |

Nothing quite quenches your thirst on a hot, lazy summer’s day than a refreshing slice of watermelon.  It is an excellent hydration tool mixed with the sweetest, earthiest good-for-you fruit that’s abundant and accessible to all for every picnic, fancy drink, or dressed-up salad.  And we are here for all of it!  A watermelon is the sweetest blush pink of color, turning berry-red when at its ripest state.  Black, iconic  seeds contrast beautifully with the melon and light green husk which let’s face it, visuals are everything.  You love it before you even taste it.  I think every kid on the face of the planet has been cooled down and satisfied with a chunk of watermelon, even if it’s cut up with grandpa’s old knife.  It just tastes right on so many levels.  We are spreading our love of watermelon to the masses so listen up if you are a fellow fan, or just someone hoping to amp up summer’s fun!

Water you waiting for?!

At roughly 90% water, watermelon is an excellent source of hydration.  Whether juiced or eaten with juice running down the chin, getting it in the body provides quick water replenishment.  Whether at the beach after a rigorous round of frisbee or at an outdoor party waiting on the barbeque to be done, munching on watermelon is refreshingly filling while providing necessary hydration.  Bonus points for only carrying a mere 30 calories in 2/3 cup of watermelon. 


Elevate your salad game!

Sometimes it is the strangest food combinations which delight the senses with beauty and incredible taste.  I love the combination of cheese and fruits and how just eating this combination with maybe some crackers or even alone makes snack time a little more special than just grabbing a bag of chips.  A favored taste combination in my house is watermelon and feta cheese.  Topping a bowl full of greens with small chunks of watermelon equaled in size by nutty bites of feta cheese creates a flavor explosion akin to fireworks on the 4th of July.  There is something exhilarating about the union of feta cheese and watermelon.  Top all with some salt and pepper and good EVOO and you have summer in a bowl.

watermelon salad

Nothing prettier than a watermelon basket

My first up close and personal experience with a carved watermelon was at a kids’ party many years ago.  An ambitious grandpa had carved a turtle out of a watermelon, complete with shelled back, feet and scooped out so the body of the turtle had, you guessed it, more watermelon!  It was so cute.  Since then, I have seen watermelons fashioned into Easter baskets and even a shark’s mouth.  Nothing prettier than a watermelon basket holding a colorful fruit salad. 


National Watermelon Day

Why, of course there is a National Watermelon Day!  August 3, 2023, is the day we hold watermelon in the highest esteem.  Good idea since the major growing season of watermelon is between May and September, although some varieties are grown all year. Hopefully by August you will have had many opportunities to share a watermelon with family and friends, or maybe treat some neighborhood kids who are favoring outside play versus gaming.  Be sure to add a watermelon to your Independence Day activities, boating excursions, and even girls’ night with a fruity watermelon drink.  Watermelon is delicious, nutritious and not at all malicious to your waistband or pocketbooks. 

Watermelon popsicle photos courtesy of Sugar and Soul Facebook page

Watermelon drink photo courtesy of The Little Kitchen Facebook page

Watermelon Photo- Suncoast Post

Top Photo from Deposit Photos

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