Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day – Shake up the Tradition this Year

That most terrifying of holidays for single folks is nearly upon us again, Valentine’s Day. The fourteenth day of February is about to herald the Day of love that some will wish away; others will relish with bated breath what surprise their significant other has planned, and yet others will decry is not a holiday at all. Whatever your stance, 2021 seems a good year to shake things up on this holiday that bridges our Christmas and Easter seasons. Let’s all focus on one thing – love in any form and celebrate that in new and unique ways.

Make It Memorable

Most think of the hearts, romantic dinners, and declarations by your significant other as the requirements for Valentine’s Day. After surviving this past year, we need to celebrate any love we have been granted in the best way possible. Grandkids, that best friend that called you each Day during the pandemic, the teacher that showered kiddos with virtual attention, our children cooped up alongside us weathering this past crazy year. Valentine’s Day should not be just another day, but rather one of the best and most memorable of our year. Let’s make this year fun by thinking outside of the box on ideas to engage all those we hold dear. What about a Scavenger hunt? The cool thing about this activity is you can engage with individuals virtually, on the phone, or in-person to bring together a great group to make this a fun Valentine-themed event.

While the major holidays have passed, many of us cannot see family and friends. Valentine’s this year might be a fun way to reconnect. Bingo cards can be downloaded, and everyone with a conferencing platform can share a fun and relaxed holiday. This fun but fierce competition has been known to cause love to temporarily turn to hate when bingos are called out, so play at your peril. Of course, it’s all about the connections and love for those you can gather on this holiday and making memories that everyone will recall years from now.

Get Creative

Whether planning that special engagement surprise, a quiet date night with your significant other, or maybe a great fun option for kids and family – get creative and have fun with it. Virtual painting with wine and friends, Valentine baking classes in a small group or virtual for kids and adults alike, spa days, arts and crafts projects, or some other alternative makes for wonderful options. We have all heard that it is the thought that counts, and this day is about telling those most important in your world how much you love them. The amazing thing is that your imagination is the only limiting factor to what is possible to help bring your cherished friends, family, and others together on this holiday.

Rather than dread this holiday, look to the intent and celebrate that – love. We all have somebody in our lives that make us better people, is our first call with good or bad news or helps make us feel special. Do not fret about what you don’t have these days, but rather, for a single day, this February, celebrate everything you do have with creative and memorable odes to love in whatever form or fashion you can cook up.


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