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Unique Themed Parties for Your Next Suncoast Gathering

| Angela Naff |

As the world opens up a bit more with each passing day, we are starting to gather together again. Whether a birthday party, holiday, or simply a fun day with friends, themed parties can take an everyday event and turn it into something special. Get the kids, family, and friends in on the creativeness needed to pull one of these off, and everyone will walk away with memories for years to come. Here are just a handful of the amazing themed party ideas for your next event.

Shipwrecked Parties

Now, this one absolutely had to make our list, considering we live near so much water. The great thing is that we have amazing inspiration all around us for this party theme. So, mix some wet tattered clothing, ship decor, pirates, and other options as you are ready to go.

Party Highlights

  • Wallk the Plank Activieis
  • Best Pirate or Beach Inpsired Costume Contest
  • Best Message in a Bottle Game
  • Blue Lagoon (adult beverage or child safe) drinks
  • Pirate decor goes great
  • Ship, Sand or Pirate inspired desserts
  • And a few of your own touches…

Sustainability Theme

A sustainability-themed party might be just the idea for those wishing to mix a bit of purpose with a fun event for all ages. From micro gardens to recycling and planting for the future, many of the best environmentally friendly ideas come to fruition when a group bands together. This being the case, make a party of your next volunteer activity, and make it a memory not soon forgotten.

Party Highlights

  • Upcycle all the decor
  • Use reusable items for serving to diminish throw-away
  • Make your swag sustainably themed (water bottles to reduce plastic waste, reusable bags instead of paper or plastic are a couple examples)
  • Activities such as community clean-up, volunteer event, tree planting, local homeless event or the like
  • Best Sustainable Idea Contest
  • Costume Contest of Items from Around the Home instead of New Purchases

Flamingo Theme

Many people here on the Suncoast LOVE their flamingos. So why not make it a theme for your next amazing beach, pool, or even bachelorette party. This one you can go wild with!

Party Highlights

  • Best Flamingo Attire Contest
  • Fizzy, fun pink cocktails
  • Ice Cream Sherbet Fizzers with Flamingo Straws
  • Pin the leg on the Flamingo
  • Pink Flamingo Floaters with Treats (great for in the pool, or water)
  • Flamingo Themed Donut Catcher Party Game
  • You take over from here and get crazy….

Hollywood Theme

Looking for something a tad more upscale, you know we love our films and theatre here on the Suncoast. Why not a Hollywood-themed, glamorous evening of fun and frivolity. Don’t forget the paparazzi, high fashion outfits, and a heavy dose of fun to make this party pop!

Party Highlights

  • Acceptance Speech Fill in the Blank Contest
  • Movie Style Decorations – stars, glitz, feathers and anything else that gets you in a hollywood frame of mind
  • Canapes, Petit fours, star shaped cheese with crackers and film inspired cupcakes
  • Gold Balloons for decoration
  • Red Carpet leading to event
  • Champagne, Prosecco, Martinis
  • Celebrity Scavenger Hunt
  • Who Killed the Celebrity Murder Mystery Game

Heroes & Villains Parties

An oldie but a goodie. With the non-stop release of superhero movies, comic books are on-trend again and provide great costume choices for themed parties and events. Time your party around a movie release for extra relevancy. 

Party Highlights

  • Best Hero, Sidekick or Villian Costume Party
  • Heres or Villians versus the clock – come up with a list of tasks and time the heroes and villains to see who can beat the clock
  • Captain America Fling – Paper plates, frisbees or the like flung into a basket for bragging rights
  • Movie Viewing with all the fixings – popcorn, themed baked items or keep if movie theatre specific
  • Spiders Snatch Game – get those old sticky hands we all love, and use them to get as many spiders from a stack as possible
  • For adult only parties – “mystery drinks” that change Heros to Villians
  • Guess The Super Power
  • Well, I think you get the idea…so many heroes and villians….so little time

There you have it, our shortlist of themed parties to get your creative juices flowing. Use one of these, or put your own spin on a theme and see what fun you can create. As we head into Fall here on the Suncoast, there are many amazing themes you can use to throw an epic event for back to school, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Fall Festival, or just because of events. Enjoy!

Photos courtesy of Deposit Photos

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