back to the future past with kara, billy and twinkle

Twinkle, Kara & Billy – Back to the Future Past, Part 1

Back to the Future Past is a new feature of The Suncoast Post. This is the first in a series of stories that go back several years! Our team at The Suncoast Post (formerly, The Sarasota Post) have written many stories about local celebrities, businesses, individuals and more. Vicky Sullivan has taken thousands of photos over the years. We wanted to share some of the photos in updated stories!

The date was Monday November 24, 2014. We decided to do a photo shoot with some friends/talented musicians from our town. We went to the Swordfish Grill & Tiki in Cortez, Florida and General Manager, Bob Slicker, was kind enough to let us take photos of Twinkle Yochim, Kara Nally and Billy Rice. Our team at Sande Caplin & Associates had gotten to know all 3 rather well.

Vicky Sullivan, the “Post” photographer, got some fabulous shots! And, by the way, no one was happier than Billy Rice as he had his picture taken with two beautiful and talented ladies! We spent about an hour or so taking photos and then headed over to The Flying Dog Café for a special dinner! If you are a music lover then you know about the Flying Dog.

Who was there?

My partner, James Danny Newton, and I were greeted by owner, Bruce Famiglio. Also in attendance with Billy, Kara and Twinkle were the very talented Carolyn Davis (lead singer & keyboard play for Main Street Station & Carolyn Davis Band), Jeremy Egglefield, who at the time was Kara Nally’s significant other and now her husband. Also, Twinkle and her brother, Tony LeClerc, Flying Dog manager Amber Murphy (now married-Amber Badiali), Sharon Meyer, and Bruce’s 2 daughters. Melissa Weaver, who also worked at the Flying Dog, was the chef for the evening.

Melissa’s dinner was fabulous. She started with fabulous hor d’oeuvres and cocktails in the Flying Dog “living room”. Then came dinner for 15 which included fresh ham with stuffing and stuffed flounder. She served a fabulous salad, Brussels sprouts and mashed potatoes made especially for Kara. To top it off we had a special dessert, Melissa’s wonderful chocolate cake.

And then…

After dinner, imagine this…. Billy, Kara, Carol, Tony, Twinkle, and Jeremy had an acoustic jam that brought tears to my eyes! Guitar playing, singing and so much love. It was a special day/evening that I will never forget. An evening that will be very tough to duplicate. You can read the original story here.

In this very difficult time in our lives, hopefully this story and the photos will put a smile on your face and bring back some memories! Back to the future past.

Photos from Vicky Sullivan / The Suncoast Post.

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