Top Things to Do On a Trip to the Anna Maria Island

Top Things to Do On a Trip to the Anna Maria Island

Planning a family vacation, a girl’s getaway or perhaps a honeymoon to Anna Maria Island? If yes, then you certainly need to continue because they are a whole host of activities and attractions awaiting your presence in this serene region of Florida.

Anna Maria Island consists of three beautiful towns i.e. Holmes Beach, Bradenton Beach and of course, Anna Maria Island! Each of these three towns offers a diverse range of activities to visitors and each of these has its own set of attractions that date back to the 1970s. Below we share with you some of the top things that you can do during an Anna Maria Island visit. However, just as a reminder, by now you know that Anna Maria Island is located in Florida and as such you are free to engage in online gambling at sites such as NetBet  as Florida is one of the few states that legalised gambling in the US.

Visit Historic Places

Mainland Florida is all modern but that does not mean that Florida does not have a history of its own. In order to learn more about the history of Florida, you will need to travel to the coastal area of Anna Maria Island. Here you get to visit the Cortez Village. Cortez Village embodies the spirit and history of yesteryear Florida. In this beautiful village, you get to visit the historical society where you learn about the fishing history of the state, you also visit the markets where you can buy different species of fish, you also get to visit dockside fish joints, see timeworn boats, colourful cracker cottages and take long walks on the winding streets.

Live Life as a Local

Life on Anna Maria Island is pretty simple and straightforward. Fishing is the main source of income for the hundreds of people that live here and when you visit the island, you also get to experience life as a local. You are free to charter a boat along with your family and friends or you can board a ship. On the boat (or ship depending on which one you choose) you get to engage in nearshore or inshore fishing as well as undertaking sightseeing and night trips.

Go Shopping

You will do yourself no favours if you fail to grab one or two souvenirs before leaving Anna Maria Island. Therefore, you need to visit any of these three or better still all of them. The first shop you need to visit is the Back Alley Treasures & Bar. At this shop, you will find all sorts of repurposed furniture, women’s fashions, artwork, paintings and handmade jewellery. The second shop is the Marley Vibes. The name of the shop comes from the popular reggae artist Bob Marley. As such, you can expect to buy Rasta fashion for your kids or even for yourself. The third shop is the Artists’ Guild of Anna Maria Island. Inside this shop, you can purchase different pieces of art crafted by different regional artists.

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