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This Week's "The Best of The Sarasota Post" - The World's Best Burger

This Week’s “The Best of The Sarasota Post” – The World’s Best Burger, Duffy’s AMI

| Laura Bell Adams |

Molly Slicker wrote about this AMI institution back in March! I wanted to add Duffy’s to our “Best Of” on The Sarasota Post.

I am a relative newcomer to this very special restaurant. Over the last couple of years, I have gotten to know “Polly” pretty well and she actually remembers my name when I walk in, along with my favorite beer.

We try to go out there late Monday afternoon when it’s not quite so busy. I always have a couple of my pals with me and it becomes an event. There is nothing like Duffy’s anywhere! They have been doing everything the same way for a very long time. Congrats to the family at Duffy’s…. keep on doing what you’re doing.

Here is Molly’s story from several months back.


Duffy's has the Best Burger!Having grown up on Anna Maria Island and then moving somewhere that’s not a dreamy 7-mile island in the Gulf of Mexico, I was made increasingly aware of some privileges of my childhood. My solid education at Anna Maria Elementary, my accessibility to team sports at The Center, not really having to wear shoes everywhere, and a lifetime of delicious Duffy’s Burgers. These are the foundations, and burgers, that built me.

Since moving to a couple of big cities, with all of my many travels in-between, I’ve heard plenty of “World’s Best Burger” claims. I was led to believe that somewhere out there a greater burger existed and, of course, I would entertain the idea. I mean, I had done a fair share of traveling (and eating) in my life, how could I believe that the best burger would be from the little island I grew up on? I believe it because it’s true. I would and will always come back loyally and proudly to my one true burger love, Duffy’s Tavern.



My dream scenario is spending the day fishing on the boat or relaxing for a couple of hours on the beach and then walking my sunburnt happy self into Duffy’s for a burger and cold beer… And then going to Tampa to watch the Lightning win the Stanley Cup. But that last part’s just me being demanding. I’m happy with just a Duffy’s burger, beer, and a regular season Lightning win.

To be clear: The longtime owners, the Geyer family, and my family have known each other since before I was even born.

World's Best Burger - according the the author!To be even clearer: It’s not just a loyalty thing. It’s so good that as I’m writing this article at 6am, I’m craving it. Everyone I’ve ever taken to Duffy’s falls in love with it, too. Duffy’s Tavern isn’t the world’s best burger because I know and love them, but I know and love them because they serve the world’s best burger.

Duffy’s Tavern has stuck it out and stayed true to itself in a rapidly changing town. When they moved locations a few years ago, they only got bigger and better. The burgers are always juicy, the beer is always ice cold, and the games are always on. They’re cash only, seat yourself, and offer counter-service. It’s laid back, casual, and comfortable… just as the island always was. And no, they haven’t sold out and started serving fries. With burgers and sides this good, you don’t need fries.

If you’ve never been, or haven’t been in awhile, it’s time to treat yourself to Duffy’s Tavern on Anna Maria Island.

Address: 5808 Marina Dr., Holmes Beach, FL 34217. Phone #: (941) 778-2501. Duffy’s FB

Photos courtesy of Duffy’s Tavern on Facebook

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