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This Week’s “The Best of The Sarasota Post” - The Best Taco Is In North Port, FL

This Week’s “The Best of The Sarasota Post” – The Best Taco Is In North Port, FL

| Laura Bell Adams |

I just love tacos, sharing a similar fascination with millions of other Americans. Tacos are the “it” food, making a reemergence with vegan, seafood, and breakfast options.

Throughout the years, taco preferences have changed with the times, much like hairstyles and clothing fashions. When I was a kid, I preferred the way my sister Sheryl prepared them, which was with lots of ground beef, salt and pepper, sans the taco seasoning. You could put all the fixings on them, but I preferred a basic soft tortilla with beef and onions and that was it.



Many people love to eat tacos!In the ‘90s, I fell in love with the vegetarian tacos at Two Senorita’s on Main Street in Downtown Sarasota. I loved to sit at the bar with one of their signature margaritas. The best dish on the menu was their veggie tacos which consisted of soft or crisp shells. I ordered both and would stuff them full of a colorful variety of corn, peppers, onions, squash, and other seasonal veggies. It was the first time I found a vegetarian dish I loved, not something that was chosen to satisfy whatever diet I was engaged in at the time. Once they closed permanently, I turned my attention to Mi Pueblo. My goodness, their tacos are amazing! They have many varieties to choose from, but my favorite is their Tacos Sudados. This freshness explosion is a tasty combination of beef, cilantro and onions, topped with their “green sauce” everyone loves, the tomatillo sauce. Mmm, mmm. I was so happy to find out that they not only had restaurants in Sarasota, but Venice also.

Pink Tequila Mexican Restaurant, Grill & Cantina in North Port, FL is the author's favorite!Currently, the best taco I am eating can be found at Pink Tequila Mexican Restaurant, Grill & Cantina at 1163 North Toledo Blade Blvd in North Port, Florida 34288. The owners also have another South County location, Blue Tequila, and a third location, Lime Tequila coming soon. Although the tacos are the same across their restaurants, I prefer the ambiance and charm found at the location just off of Price Boulevard near I-75.

Tacos at Pink Tequila in North Port, FLBut, the real star of the show is that pork taco. Their Tacos Carnitas is the reason I am obsessed with pork tacos of any sort. There is something so inviting about a warm tortilla stuffed full of melt-in-your-mouth pork. It makes my eyes tear up from happiness, or maybe that is from the accompanying Pico de Gallo which is chock-full of garlicky goodness, and rightfully so. The homemade tortillas are so soft they look far too delicate to take on any meat or toppings. But, somehow, the meat does not fall through, or peek out, and the shell does not get soggy. With a three to one bite ratio between tacos and beans and rice, siding heavily with the taco bites, you can do nothing but ask for another pork taco and a refill on the beer.

Whether you like them blue, pink, lime, or rainbow-colored, head down to any one of the local “Tequilas” for the best taco around. Of course, they serve other amazing homemade items but, I just cannot make it past those tacos. For location, hours, and menu information, please visit Pink Tequila FB Page

Photos courtesy of Pink Tequila Facebook page.

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