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There Is More To Know Than You Think About Laura Bell Adams

There Is More To Know Than You Think About Laura Bell Adams

| Sande Caplin |

I was introduced to Laura Bell Adams at a Folk Festival in Venice, FL 3 years ago, by Steve Arvey.  Laura had just moved into town from the St. Louis area and she was assisting Steve on a music project.  

Six months later I met up with Laura again at the Flying Dog Café and we struck up a conversation, did some dancing (The Billy Rice Band was performing) and got to know each other over the next few months!  (and more!)  Laura can always be seen enjoying music and dancing at some great venues around town!

Laura was born in Key West.  Her dad was an Electronics Technician for the U.S. Army and then for FBIS as a civil servant.  Her dad’s job took the family to Taiwan, Fort Bragg, NC, back to Key West, Okinawa, back to Key West again, Oxen Hill, MD, Puerto Rico, Cyprus, Key West again,  Falls Church, VA, Okinawa again, then back to Key West.

After she went out on her own she lived in Miami, again to Key West, Elfers, FL, Warren, PA, San Diego, St. Louis, Zion, IL, Ferguson and DeSoto, MO.  She raised 4 kids (home-schooled them all!) who are now all grown and has 9 grandkids.

Jack Elka and Laura Bell Adams

Laura has a BA Degree in Behavioral Science from Missouri Baptist University.  Today, she is a full-time health care professional.  At night (when she doesn’t go dancing) she became a self-taught Drone Pilot (with some help from Jack Elka and James Newton) and is now licensed to fly drones commercially with the FAA.     

Laura, under the tutelage of James Newton and the team at Sande Caplin and Associates, is heavily involved with developing videos using drones, producing music videos and ad promo videos.  She works closely with Billy Rice and the Billy Rice Band with promotions, videos and back stage techie stuff!  She has been seen flying drones and developing commercials for Bob Slicker and the team at The Swordfish Grill & Tiki and other businesses around town..  Soon, she hopes to do all of this full-time.

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