The Sarasota-Bradenton,FL - Asheville, North Carolina Connection!

The Sarasota-Bradenton,FL – Asheville, North Carolina Connection!

It’s amazing to me how many people from our area call Asheville, NC their 2nd home. Many of them are moving up there on a permanent basis.

I had never been to Asheville before. My friends, Jack and Hope, have been there many times and have fallen in love with the area! Well, with flights on Allegiant Airlines that fly from Clearwater and very soon from SRQ Airport, it is cheap and easy!



The four of us went to Asheville in mid-January and, oh, what a time we had. Asheville and the surrounding area are fabulous. So much history and so many places to visit. Laura flew her drone and got a shot from Jump Off Rock.

Jump Off Rock is on top of Echo Mountain (3100 feet elevation) in Laurel Park, N.C. From there you can see the Blue Ridge and Pisgah mountain ranges. You can see South Carolina, North Carolina and Tennessee. There’s a legend of a young Indian maid that told her Indian Brave she would wait for him at their favorite place (Jump Off Rock) when he got back from war. Alas, he never came back, he died. So, she jumped off and died, too. They have a very ornate fence around the edge now to keep you safe!

Corey from The Village Wayside Bar & Grille, great server, along with Molly who took this picture for us!We stayed in a wonderful 2-bedroom home with a fireplace and all the comforts of home. We cooked, drank wine and relaxed. We hit several restaurants during the weekend and one day had lunch at a very neat place, The Village Wayside Bar & Grille, who advertised “Slightly Dysfunctional People Pleasers”! My kind of place.



From their website:

When you come to the Historic Biltmore Village in Asheville, NC you will find the Village Wayside Bar & Grille, located in the old passenger train depot. We are Mark & Polly Harding, the Slightly Dysfunctional People Pleasing husband & wife team who opened the Village Wayside Bar & Grille. Our lives in the service industry started long before we decided to open the restaurant; from childhood days of peeling potatoes & piping éclairs, to perfecting a good sales pitch in our college years. We moved to Asheville in 2001 after coming here for a long weekend to see music & instantly fell in love with this area & today happily call it home. 

We met “Corey” our professional drink mixer who served us and hung out with us and “Molly” took a photo of our group. Lunch was delicious and the drinks were great.

I have fallen in love with Asheville and plan on going back again to check out a “satellite office” for The Sarasota Post and Sande Caplin & Associates.

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