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The Road Less Traveled – Around Florida

As in-state tourists, we do a lot of traveling around Florida. It has taken a while, but we have developed a method of travel that’s a bit more laid back than when I was growing up.

When I was a youngster we generally would load up the car, then my dad would drive like blazes until we got to our destination. We then would milk it for all it was worth and stay there until the last possible minute. At that point, we’d load up the car and drive straight home getting there in time to get back to real life.

Traveling is more relaxed now

However, as we have gotten older, we take a more relaxed approach. We generally motor our way toward our destination and have no problem stopping along the route to take in a restaurant or a point of interest. For the most part, we still can arrive at our vacation spot in plenty of time for check in. When it’s over we can motor our way back, possibly even taking a different route to see what that has to offer.

Those who follow us know that I am a big fan of the back roads – or at least staying off the interstate as much as possible. We have driven through some interesting towns and points of interest. Sure, it takes a bit longer, but in the long run we get to enjoy a lot more of Florida by traveling slower.


In fact, we have made some pretty good time on some of the four lane roads that stretch in between towns. Taking Route 1 or A1A on the east coast, Route 41 aka Tamiami Trail on the west coast, even Highways 27 and 98 through the center can give you a pretty good ride through different parts of the state.

Some of it is a self-fulfilling prophecy. That is, some of the places we have visited – such as Solomon’s Castle, Weeki Wachee and Bob’s Train for instance, already are off the beaten path.

Beautiful scenery


That does not mean we never take the interstate. There are times we are required to take the superhighways to get through at least part of our trip. Recently, we used it to get down to Fort Myers Beach to maximize our time with some out of state relatives. But as a general rule, we have found that the secondary roads provide great scenery as we travel. There are plenty of signs that tell of places of which we were unaware and wonderful examples of fun and retro architecture that capture our eyes.

No, we don’t do the big theme parks or the major attractions, but there is so much to see and do here in the Sunshine State. We have found that we can take a trip and get lodging for about the cost of a pair of tickets to one of Florida’s spotlight playgrounds. Plus, the crowds are smaller and the pace is more suited to us.

Stay tuned to for our next adventure. Remember, we’re always quite keen to hear your ideas and suggestions so visit our Florida Fun Travel Facebook page or drop us a line at

Editor’s Note: Barry Foster has another article in The Suncoast Post about traveling around the coasts of Florida.

Photos from Barry Foster.

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