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The Importance of a Veteran

| Aidan Kuschel |

Veterans are people who were in the active military, naval, or air force and have been released or discharged from their service. Veterans have sacrificed their lives for this country and thanks to them all of us are safe and are in a representative democracy. Since we are a democracy we, the people, control who runs the country instead of the government choosing for us. Veterans have done so much for our country and after they come back to their homes, some of them lose everything they once cared about. Veterans make up about six percent of the United States population, however, they make up to eight percent of the homeless population in the United States. This is unacceptable! They have risked their lives and have seen so many traumatizing events.

Many veterans through the years have been ignored after their call of duty. They are expected to pick up where they left off, finding jobs, choosing a profession, and reconnecting with their loved ones. For some, this is not an easy task. They should be getting the help they deserve. Veterans fought for our country’s freedom and they are not respected and appreciated enough. Veterans are so important they should not only get a day they should get a full month dedicated to them. Veterans are the most selfless people on this earth and we should honor them and treat them like our own friends and family.

In the history of our country, there have only been a few times when men have been drafted to serve in the armed forces. The five branches of the military are the Airforce, Navy, Army, Coast Guard, and Marine Core. Each branch is special yet different and equally important. The service of our veterans have served overseas during wars and at peaceful times within our country. Regardless of whether one was drafted or enlisted, or whether they were stationed abroad or in this country, their sacrifice must be recognized as protecting the rights of all the people in this country. When someone risks their own life for the benefit of others it is a courageous act that requires recognition and the honoring of these people on a daily basis.

Today more than ever recognizing veterans of the past, present, and future is of the utmost importance. It’s primarily important because our veterans have molded the history of our country. They are our primary sources of battles and turning points in our democracy. There have been many books, movies, documentaries, biographies, and autobiographies, informing us how our country was molded. Everyone that has experienced being in the armed forces has a story of some kind to tell. Veterans made our country a free country. Presently our veterans of today are in need of housing, medical support, and in some cases mental illness support. We must attend to this continuously because it is an act of humanism. Presently, some veterans have a disorder called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. (PTSD) It affects 7.7million American adults each year. PTSD is mostly connected to Veterans that have been in combat. Many times it goes undetected and requires long-term medical attention. Awareness is key and various programs are out there to combat this disorder.

Our Veterans are an important part of our history. In our daily lives, we can easily forget the dedication and support these individuals gave us to maintain our freedom. Veterans Day is today and it does remind us of the importance of being a Veteran. We need to do more than just celebrate on one day. Our veterans are the life source of our nation. Without them, we would not be where we are today. We need more resources in the fields of housing, medical treatment, physically and mentally.

This country was founded by men and women who risked their lives and fought for freedom and independence. All veterans gave some, but some gave all! This is the importance of the veterans.

NOTE – Aidan Kuschel 16, is a tenth grader at Smithtown East High School in Smithtown, NY and the Grandson of Sande Caplin, editor of The Suncoast Post.

Photo courtesy of Deposit Photos

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