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to wear or not to wear a mask. man and woman wearing masks

The Controversy – To Wear or Not to Wear a Mask

| Sande Caplin |

I / we at the Suncoast Post normally stay out of the fray and any kind of politics. I have been on the sidelines when it comes to how everyone is handling social distancing, wearing, or not wearing masks, going out in public and any other stuff that is going on with Covid 19.

Many of us watch the news every day, read stories in newspapers (yes, some folks still get a paper) and of course scour the internet for stories about Covid 19, the numbers and what we should and should not be doing. Of course, there is a portion of the population that doesn’t follow the news at all! Can’t say I blame them.

I am going to make a statement about “masks” in this column and then I would like to throw it open to our readers and ask for their comments below in the “comment section”.

Covid-19 cases are up

We all see the numbers going up all over the country regarding new cases of Covid-19. To me it is very alarming. While I certainly understand that the economy cannot be shut down again, there are 2 things that we all can do to help curb the problem; social distance and wear a mask.

As a senior citizen I am in the population that is most vulnerable. I cannot understand why folks are packing into bars, not following social distance CDC recommendations, and not wearing masks. There is significant evidence that wearing a mask will help reduce the spread of the virus. So there, I said it! I support restaurants, bars, hair cutters, and all types of businesses being open. But, wearing a mask is a must, along with social distancing.

Please enter your comments below and keep it clean….no negativity, just honest and open opinions.

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