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The Best Games to See You Through Fall on the Suncoast

Florida is finally beginning to see the shift in seasons and, while it might not be getting super cold any time soon, it is enough to make us think about snuggling up and getting cozy indoors. And what better way to spend some time inside than by playing exciting video and online games with friends or by yourself? 

So, when you’re not undertaking a wealth of fall DIY projects on your home, you can put your feet up and indulge in a few games while the leaves fall gently outside. You’re worth it! 

Coffee Talk  

For something a little out of the ordinary, try this indie game developed by Toge Productions. Expertly blending lo-fi music aesthetics with 90s anime, this game revolves around the idea that you must serve customers a drink made from three ingredients, but these ingredients will vary according to how the customers’ storylines play out. You are essentially playing the role of a barista whose job it is to listen to customers and serve them a hot drink as a response to their story. This sounds straightforward but, as the game develops, the stories take various twists and turns and this is where your ability to serve drinks gets interesting.

Online Casinos

Online casinos have all the excitement of the physical place without having to leave your armchair! Whether you want to practice your poker face or try your hand at a new slots strategy, the accessibility and variety of online casinos mean you have a different experience each time you play. You can play 24/7 on any device from the warmth and comfort of your own home. When playing slots, lookout for the best free spins deals to get started as they are one of the best bonus types for casino players, while sites provide plenty of options to get started with blackjack or poker as well. 


Shelter is a survival video game based on the adventures of a mother badger who must protect her cubs as they search for food and shelter. The aesthetics of this game are stunning, and the excitement is real as the badger family must escape from a bird of prey, traverse river rapids, avoid huge forest fires, and find food before they starve. It’s a stark reminder of the fragility of life and how precious it is, something that you don’t tend to encounter in video games. 

Best Games
Gaming is a great way to spend the colder fall months

Seasons After Fall

Ideal for anyone who loves to solve a puzzle, Seasons After Fall is an epic adventure in a mystical land governed by magic and nature. You play a fox who must undertake a perilous journey through this strange world armed only with the ability to change seasons at will. Using the seasons to your advantage is the only way to successfully traverse the landscape, but at the end of each stage you’re met with a gigantic Guardian spirit, and it is up to you to decide whether they are friends or foes. 


If you’ve ever dreamed of quitting your job and moving to a stunning location, this is the game for you. In the game, you play a successful but stressed woman who relocates to a small town near a lake for a more relaxed pace of life. It’s ultimately down to you whether you want this decision to be a successful or disastrous one for the main character, and in the process you may discover some nuggets of wisdom about your own working life. 

Life is Strange: True Colors 

One of the few soap-opera-like video games out there, the Life is Strange series follows the character of Alex Chen who uses her supernatural abilities to traverse her way through the storylines, trying to discover what has happened to her brother. Using her supernatural abilities to see into characters and manipulate them, True Colors is a great look at the social dynamics and cultural differences that make up today’s society.

Whether you’re looking for all the excitement of the casino or a puzzle that will have you guessing for days, there are plenty of games to help you pass the time this fall.

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