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First Pitch

Teens Selected by Golisano Children’s Hospital and South Florida Hooters  Throw Out “First Pitch” at Tampa Bay Rays and Red Sox Game 

| Suncoast Post Staff |

South Florida Hooters has teamed up with Golisano Children’s hospital to give two local teens the opportunity to throw out the “first pitch” at Spring Training baseball games.  Port Charlotte resident Becca Perdue threw out the first pitch at the Tampa Bay Rays game on March 27 and Cape Coral resident Austin Bostwick had the opportunity at the Boston Red Sox Game on April 2.

First Pitch

Becca Perdue who is 16 years old has faced many challenges with cancer. “We have been going to Golisano now for 9 years. Becca is my miracle baby now at 16 she’s faced many challenges an adult won’t face in their entire life. She loves all the staff at Golisano; they are like family to her. Unfortunately her cancer has returned and has worsened but what you allowed her to do to throw that first pitch it’s the first time she’s been excited about going to do something. It made my day to see all that excitement in her face. She is such a ham she’s waving to the crowds waiting for autographs and all but she truly wanted to play ball so thank you we truly appreciated the opportunity,” said Anna Perdue, mother of Becca. Hootie was also on the field for her first pitch.

Several Fort Myers Hooters Girls joined fifteen-year old Austin Bostwickwho was selected by Golisano Children’s Hospital to throw out the first pitch on Saturday, April 2 at the Red Sox game. Bostwik is a freshman at North Fort Myers High School.  Bostik was the starting second baseman for his school’s JV Baseball team until he broke his arm in two places. His freshman season is delayed for another couple of weeks. 

He has been a fan of baseball since he was old enough to hold a bat and began playing at the age of 4.   He has played baseball all over the state.  As a youth athlete who has experienced the pressures of competitive sports and the game of baseball, Austin appreciates the Red Sox support and advocacy of mental health in sports and the sport of baseball, beginning with Jimmy Piersall, to the multiple players who have openly discussed prioritizing mental health in the game and ending the stigma. He believes it is so important for kids to hear from professional players and players they idolize speak up about their personal struggles and normalize seeking help.

First Pitch

Hooters is proud to be an official sponsor for five MLB teams with Spring Training programs taking place in Fort Myers, Port Charlotte, Sarasota and Bradenton.  Hooters is sponsoring the Boston Red Sox in Fort Myers, Minnesota Twins in Fort Myers, Baltimore Orioles in Sarasota, Pittsburgh Pirates in Bradenton and Tampa Bay Rays in Port Charlotte.  Guests at Hooters can receive a free beer at their local Hooters restaurant by showing their spring training game day ticket stub within 24 hours after the first pitch.  

“Every Spring Training season we enjoy the opportunity to sponsor and be involved with the game day activations including the experience to throw out the first pitch.  We enjoy sharing this experience with children from Golisano Children’s Hospital.  Watching the children on the field throw out the first pitch is always a favorite of the Hooters Girls, Hootie and our store managers who are in attendance,” said LTP Management Director of Marketing Kristi Quarles.  For many years, South Florida Hooters restaurants have partnered with Golisano Children’s Hospital for hospital visits, a lending library, participation in radiothons and special experiences such as throwing out the first pitch. 

Photos from LTP Management 

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