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Here on the Suncoast, we have a wonderful selection of businesses from unique restaurants to passion ideas that took hold and became something amazing. Unfortunately, quarantining, location, and sometimes not knowing means that not all the best businesses get the attention they need. As we head into the holiday season, and really all year round, The Suncoast Post wants to give the limelight over to all the fantastic service businesses, niche market small businesses, and everyone else that maybe needs just a little boost in recognition. To that end, we ask that you send us a short story about your business, and we will share it out on The Suncoast Post website and social media.

What you need to send to us:

  • Minimum of a 400-word story in a Word document about your business
  • Any links that you would like included in posts so that people can find you
  • Horizontal pictures relevant to your business
  • Send all materials to

Not the best writer, and so even 400 words seem daunting.

Here are just a few writing prompts to get you started:

  • When did you start your business?
  • Is it just you running the business, a partner, or a family?
  • What was the driving purpose behind your business?
  • Tell us one unique service or item you sell that makes you stand out?
  • Customer testimonials are great. Do you have one that makes you especially joyful that you could include?
  • Location and contact details.
  • Pictures can tell your story for you, and they don’t need to be professional. Instead, pictures should give a taste of what you do best in staged or candid detail.
  • Personal is always better. Business owners are passionate about what they do, make it personal, and sell people why they should come to see you or make an appointment at your business today.

All business owners love to brag about their passions, ambitions, and successes. So why not let The Suncoast Post spread the word even further for you to our entire audience and social media following. Together we can continue to watch amazing businesses flourish here on the Suncoast and make our communities the best places to live. Remember to send all the materials to shout out your business to: and we will help share your story.

Photos courtesy of Deposit Photos

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