Summerlin - The Las Vegas Strip Alternative

Summerlin – The Las Vegas Strip Alternative

Do you like Las Vegas, but really want to get away from the craziness of the strip?  When I was younger, I liked the Vegas Strip but now it just seems packed and the crowds on the street are over the top.  As I have gotten older, there are some things in Vegas I would just like to skip.  I can basically say, been there done that!  But I am sure you know the phrase, what happens in Vegas…  I still like Vegas for the entertainment and to be honest the shopping and fabulous restaurants.  So, how do you get all of this without having to endure the Las Vegas strip?

You go to Summerlin.  I happened upon Summerlin by chance.  I take computer training from a person that resides in that community and therefore

Las Vegas strip too much? Try Summerlin!I have been going there for quite a few years.  I have always dreaded the flight, etc.  But the past few trips, I have ventured out more and have been getting around Summerlin. What I have experienced is a nice community, with apparently normal people who raise families, work and enjoy the great view and weather that this area is known for. 

Just a little history on Summerlin, which I found quite interesting.  According to Wikipedia, the majority of Summerlin’s land was owned by the billionaire real estate developer Howard Hughes. Hughes’s intention was to move his family to this land, however, it never materialized.  Upon his death, his heirs formed a corporation, developed the master-planned community and named it after Hughes’s Grandmother, Jean Amelia Summerlin.

Red Rock Canyon. Great outdoors!If you like outdoor recreation, other than shopping Summerlin is home to parks, cycling trails, several golf courses and is adjacent to Red Rock Canyon which has over 20 hiking trails. The canyon is also suitable for rock climbing and camping. Since Summerlin is a little higher in elevation than the Las Vegas Strip, the temperatures are a little cooler and they do get some rain.

Summerlin has three hotel-casinos, which I have stayed at all of them.  My favorite choice is the Suncoast Casino Hotel.  This hotel underwent a recent renovation according to staff. The rooms are generous, updated and clean.  There are several good restaurants located inside the complex as well as a movie theatre.  My second choice is the JW Marriott.  This hotel is a little older, however, it has been maintained. The restaurants inside the JW are a little dated but still nice.  The last is the Red Rock Casino and Spa.  Red Rock is similar to Vegas Strip hotel-casinos.  So, if you want the late-night party scene, you will get it here. All three hotels are nearby other restaurants and activities.

The shopping downtown is an outdoor area, filled with over 125 shops and restaurants. Nice outdoor cafes anchor the corners of the development and some allow pets.  Pedestrian friendly, this area also hosts outdoor exercise programs and other monthly events.

If you are looking for a get away from the typical Vegas, Summerlin is about a 20-minute drive from the Las Vegas strip and is accessible by major highways.  I always Uber it from the airport, which depending on demand, normally runs between $30-$40. 

Photos from Shutterstock and Downtown Summerlin FB Group

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