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Summer Viewing on the Suncoast, Streaming Great Entertainment

| Jodi Schwarzenbach |

What is everyone tuned into these days?  Streaming some amazing movies is one of my favorite activities.  There is something so powerful about being able to select a viewing out of thousands of movie choices via outlets like Netflix, Hulu, On Demand, etc.  This is especially satisfying for those of us who remember the days of stalking the shelves of BlockBuster and the elation felt after finding a copy of a newly released movie in stock.  Nothing better than simply hitting the couch and settling in for a short afternoon’s viewing or binge-watching your favorite limited series over a weekend. When it’s too hot to go outside or the rain is keeping you in, we have our top three suggestions for your summer viewing consumption.

Father of the Bride 2022:  This twist on an old favorite brings back all the feels, has the usual romantic plot turns, and adds in a few changes to make it fresh.  Starring Andy Garcia and Gloria Estefan as the proud parents of a daughter, who drops the exciting news she is newly engaged just as her parents are navigating divorce.  As you might expect, they rediscover their love for each other just in time for the big wedding.  Of course, the bride’s home is the setting of the wedding, just as in the original “Father of the Bride.”  The setting is beautiful, dialogue catchy, and Father of the Bride 2022 does not disappoint in the Rom-Com category.  You can stream Father of the Bride 2022 on HBOMax. 

The Old Man:  Anything with Jeff Bridges in it is bound to be a good watch.  “The Old Man,” Bridges’ new series, is proving to be one of those shows that you cannot get enough of.  Though there are only a couple of episodes out, it has you gripping your seat as you see what is coming next.  The premise is that a former CIA agent, living a quiet life find himself on the run as figures from his past reemerge.  As the show unfolds, we find out the main character, Chase who is played by Bridges, has lost his wife, is on the run, any has a cryptic telephone relationship with his daughter.  We find out she is actually working inside of the CIA and is part of a team enlisted to find Chase.  The episodes are fast paced with flashbacks throwing the viewers a few bones on the backstory of the characters.  New episodes are released on Thursdays on FX.


Stranger Things:  At the time of this writing, part two of season four of Stranger Things is just being released.  The anticipation for how things will wrap up for Eleven and the gang is strong among the cult-following of Stranger Things fans.  Part one found Joyce saving Hopper’s life across the globe in Russia and Steve in the upside-down world. If all of this sounds cooky, you really do have to watch the series from the beginning.  It is engaging, suspenseful and for those who were around in the 80s, the clothing, furniture, hair…all of it is spot-on accurate.  Season 4 made Kate Bush’s 80s hit song, “Running up that Hill,” a 2022 fan favorite. Catch Stranger Things on Netflix. 

What are you watching, Suncoast?  Feel free to leave recommendations in the comments section. 

Photos courtesy of Netflix Facebook page.

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