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Dairy Queen

Summer Traditions At Dairy Queen on the Florida Suncoast

| Jodi Schwarzenbach |

It is a rite of passage, getting your first Dairy Queen soft serve ice-cream cone.  Words like “so creamy” and “amazing” often are precursors for “mmm, this is yummy.”  Unlike traditional hand-dipped ice cream which can be a bit hard to bite into perched precariously atop a cone, a soft-serve is a whipped concoction, easy to lick and savor each and every bite.  My personal favorite is a soft serve vanilla cone dipped in chocolate.  I was probably about seven-years-old when I had my first dipped cone at a lakeside Dairy Queen in Michigan.  My second favorite was the Dilly Bar, another dipped sensation on a stick.  I enjoyed a little of everything else, but when summer hit, I always paid homage to my favorite ice creams first and couldn’t wait to order.  A trip to Dairy Queen meant summer had arrived.

Icecream Cones

Today, Dairy Queen stands as one of the premier ice-cream parlors in the country.  And to me, it is a traditional stand-by that feels comfortable and welcoming.  The first DQ opened in 1940 in the heart of the Midwest in Joliet, Illinois.  Throughout the years they have added signature shakes and malts, Blizzards, banana splits, slushy treats, all while keeping that famed soft-serve ice cream that their popular fan base loves.  The story goes in 1938 a father-son duo was playing around with a soft-serve ice cream recipe.  A friend and ice cream parlor owner agreed to provide samples of the new softer ice cream in his store and gave out over 1,600 samples in two hours.  And the rest is ice-cream making history.  With a full menu of lunch items like burgers, hot dogs, chicken tenders and fries, DQ is also a go-to for a quick delicious lunch or dinner. 


Recently, while looking for a place to meet a former student and his grandmother for ice cream, we both came to the simultaneous agreement that Dairy Queen would be perfect.  And it was another unanimous decision to each get a small vanilla twist dipped in chocolate.  All these years later, Dairy Queen is still a favored spot to make normal days special and memorable.

Locally, you can enjoy Dairy Queen locations in Bradenton, Venice and Port Charlotte.  For more information, please visit Dairy Queen® Canada: Burgers, Cakes & More. Happy Tastes Good®

Photos courtesy of Dairy Queen Grill & Chill, Venice, Facebook page

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