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Oklawaha Greenway

Calling all Nature Lovers! Stroll on Oklawaha Greenway, Located in Hendersonville, NC

| Julie Hall |
Oklawaha Greenway

Visit Hendersonville, NC. this Spring or Summer and stroll on Oklawaha Greenway! Enjoy a walk, rollerblade, bike ride, and, it’s wheelchair accessible too. The best of two worlds, get out in nature while still in the downtown area.

Highlights of Oklawaha Greenway Trail

It’s called Oklawaha Greenway Trail for a good reason.  Oklawaha means Muddy River and this Greenway follows the Mud Creek for a large part of the trail. Some reviews mention after a long rainy spell here, the trail can be muddy since it follows the creek.  Wear your sturdy hiking boots or walk after drier weather.   Its 3.25 miles long and the trail endpoints are 3 wonderful Parks: Jackson Park, Patton Park, and Berkeley Mills Park

From wildlife and birdwatching to wetland with a variety of biological diversity including mammals, reptiles, and amphibians, its nature at its best.  Be sure to slow down, stop and read the trails’ signage providing information about the local flora and fauna!

Oklawaha Greenway

If your dream is to get out in nature and taste some robust local craft beers, then you are in for a dream come true day here. Your stroll on the greenway will lead you right to the nearest Breweries and  there are plenty to choose from.   We recommend 3 Breweries for a taste of local craft brew. Closest to Greenway;  Oklawaha Brewing Company on First Ave East,   Southern Appalachian on Locust Street, and Triskilion Brewery  on Seventh Ave.

Travelers will delight in spending a weekend in one of our newest vacation rental homes, Oklawaha Escape on the Greenway. Take to the trail each morning outside your door with your family dog by your side, or a late afternoon trek to a nearby brewery or restaurant downtown Hendersonville!

Review from the Oklawaha Greenway site:

This is a great trail that connects city parks near downtown Hendersonville. It’s 10 feet wide so easily accommodates walkers and bikers. Pretty scenery, butterfly gardens, a few water fountains, and 3 bike fixing stations dot the path. You can extend your walk by walking the trails at several of the parks along the way.

Drone shot and photos by Jack Elka

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