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Spending Time with Friends and Family Virtually this Holiday Season

This year has been one for the record books and definitely not one to remember for our travel journals. Christmas this year, as COVID-19 continues to terrorize the globe, is not on everyone’s holiday plans, as it might have been in years past. We have some suggestions for spending time together this holiday when you can’t cross those miles to be together in person.

Virtual Scavenger Hunts

We all love a good competition, and a virtual scavenger hunt from the comfort of your home is a great option this holiday season. Build teams in various homes, connect via Zoom, Google hangouts, or other such platforms. This website has some great downloads of items most of us have around our homes, cars, etc. Additionally, the step by step guide is amazing for making this a no brainer that you can get set up in no time from anywhere. The spirit of fun and competition can make for some big laughs this holiday as friends and family undertake a fun scavenger hunt virtually.

Spending Time in Virtual Escape Rooms

If you have ever attended an escape room, you know these are story built plots brought to life in which you have to work with a group to escape from some confined space. These rooms have found a great virtual footing as team members, friends, and family can log into a room from zoom or other platforms. This amazing curated list of the best escape rooms could be where you find the theme for your holiday celebrations. While in-person parties may not be feasible, you can still host an experience that will make the end of 2020 a hit!

Karaoke Nights

This one is not for the faint of heart as singing virtually is not any better than in person, though, in this version, you can mute others if you choose! This fun virtual option is one of the easiest to get friends on board with and setup. We found a setup guide for making your virtual singing competition a smash. Add a little eggnog or other drink options, and you have a team office virtual party or family gathering that will have everyone cracking up.

Virtual Game Nights

Whether you thrive on trivia, love word games, or enjoy a good competition. There are hosts of online game options for kids and adults of all ages to participate in virtually. This list HERE is a great list of free games for a myriad of various tastes, themes, and complexity levels. Get your teams together, grab a computer screen, and let’s get gaming this holiday season.

Dinners with a Techie Twist

Sure it might seem like a thing of the future, but our monitors aren’t just for work or games. Spending time with your favorite people at a virtual dinner this holiday season is a great alternative. You may not be able to pass the salt or see the ham or turkey cutting up close and personal, but the conversation, togetherness, and memories will be there for the enjoying. Put that monitor in a position of importance around your table this holiday season and enjoy a meal together with those you love and haven’t maybe seen all year.

With this pandemic stricken year 2020 nearly in our rearview, we all must take a breath and celebrate this holiday season with those we love. We may not be able to hug each other, wake up at midnight to open gifts in person, but that doesn’t mean that technology can’t bring us all together, no matter what. A family dinner, team building Christmas escape room, or maybe a fun karaoke night are all within reach of your closest monitor, cell phone screen, or tablet. You may not be able to travel this year, but friends and family can still gather to celebrate the brightest of holiday seasons.


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