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Southwest Florida is Blooming

| Jodi Schwarzenbach |

In honor of Earth Day and all the fantastic colors and greens blooming in our yards, let’s talk about the benefits of planting easy-to-grow plants, flowers, and vegetables in your outdoor spaces.  I am going to say the best smelling flowering bush in Florida could be jasmine.  Obviously, this is my personal opinion born from the very first time I smelled a Confederate Jasmine bush overtaking my senses and assuring me Florida was going to be a great home for me.  I also might add that it is a vine weed that will grow vertically along any post, fence, or structure.  It is like this spiny goddess popping white flowers and scents galore and I just love it.


Do you know what else grows easily in Southwest Florida and smells like a dream?  Gardenia plants are scentsational additions to any yard.  Usually  blooming in time for the spring holidays, gardenias are snow-white and provide the atmosphere with a deep perfumy scent that is often captured in perfumes and candles.  Another fragrant wonder that is hardy and endures our heat well is hibiscus, which are so colorful in any landscaping setting.  Check out these amazing varieties of lovelies to grow in your Southwest Florida yard 12 Garden Plants That Thrive in the South Florida Sun – Dengarden.

If you keep up on spider mites, roses are actually pretty hardy in our weather as well.  A nice bottle of natural neem oil will do the trick in keeping these thorny bushes healthy and blooming.  All sorts of varieties in size and scent allow for a beautiful flower garden when all are in bloom.

Aloe Vera is always a handy addition to the medicine box and this versatile plant grows beautifully in our Florida yards.  There is nothing as soothing after a day in the sun than splitting open a piece of aloe and allowing its beneficial properties to cool your skin. 


All types of herbs are extremely easy to grow around here including basil, dill, oregano, and cilantro.  No point in spending your hard-earned money on spices that you can easily grow, dry, freeze, or use fresh.  Requiring a little more attention and possibly some screening to deter yard animals, tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers are wonderful to pick fresh and throw into your salad.  And, of course, citrus is ideal in our climate.  I love the smell of a lemon tree as it begins to bear fruit.  For more tips on what veggies and fruits are easy to grow, visit Easy And Abundant Vegetables You Can Grow In Florida – Fl Gardening.

This is what is happening in my yard right now, what is growing in yours? Don’t be afraid to try to grow things that are spectacularly beautiful because of fear of failure.  Watching these natural beauties come to life is akin to receiving a dopamine boost, it’s good for the body and mind.  Scents can transport you to all kinds of memories which can turn a dreadful day into a glad day so step outside, get your hands a little dirty, water with love and see the fruits of your labor transform your outside environment into a showplace. 

Photos courtesy of Jodi Schwarzenbach & Mid Journey

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