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Snowbird-Watching: Making The Move To Florida

Snowbird-Watching: Making The Move To Florida

| Molly Slicker |

It’s becoming more and more obvious that snowbird season is upon us across Florida, and not just because the variety of license plates on your route home say so. Here on the Gulf Coast in particular, traffic is slowing, waitlists are lengthening, and beaches are bustling. Before you roll your eyes, let’s try to find out more about these Florida enthusiasts.

Snowbirds are typically retirees who travel South in the Winter months to avoid the snow and cold temperatures of the North, and we sure notice a lot of them this time of year. However, more and more people are making the permanent full-time move to FL.

Who exactly are these visitors and where are they from?

Last week, LendingTree released a study about where each state’s residents are moving to – or looking to move to. They reviewed purchase mortgage loan requests for primary residents in all 50 states from October 2016 to October 2017 – finding the percentage of all requests from residents looking to move outside of their current state. Florida is the number one destination.

Snowbird-Watching: Making The Move To FloridaFlorida was the number one new destination for a whopping 18 states. Of all purchase mortgage requests during the study’s time period, 9.14% were for consumers looking to move to Florida.

It’s clear that residents from across the country, particularly in the Northeast, are flocking to Florida.

It’s no surprise, with people of all ages seeking The Sunshine State. Whether it be retirees or families, Florida is not only just a hot tourist destination but clearly a draw for transports as well.

On the other hand, Vermont ranks first for the most residents looking to move away, with the lowest percentage of residents looking to stay in-state. So don’t be surprised if you start to notice more and more Vermonters inhabiting Florida, especially this time of year. 

This snowbird season, try to take the extra traffic and busyness with a grain of sand – and be thankful you figured it out and made it down here before they did.

photos from LendingTree

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