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See Florida Now!

| Terri White |

In case you miss season changes on the Suncoast

Some snowbirds escalated their northern migration from Florida this year. They’re always gone by tax day, April 15 except for this year. That’s when we look forward to our favorite restaurant tables and beach parking spots. Sadly, this year, the pandemic forced our restaurants and beaches closed. Happily, Spring did her usual thing.

Springtime comes on stage in her crayon box colors: golden Allamanda and blue Jacaranda, violet Wisteria, crisp white Magnolia, Gardenia and Jasmine. Crimson Royal Poincianas, Frangipani from sticks to magical, mysterious blooms. And the Bougainvillea run riot over landscapes.

This year, I enjoyed seeing more families in their yards than usual. Since we were stuck at home, we were busy improving our homes: painting, adding a backyard pool or outdoor kitchen. In Spring, Floridians start stringing lights over outdoor patios and refurbish the BBQ. We scrub campers and boats and convertibles. Springtime means getting ready for summer.

Getting ready for summer in Florida

We organize the tackle box and put annuals in the ground for more color. We stock up on sunscreen and bug spray and water for the start of hurricane season. As days heat up, the afternoon showers become frequent and fall harder, washing away the rainbow of blossoms. But the other colors come out.

I watched the flags come out over the Memorial Day holiday. Driving along the river and past memorial gardens and in my own historic neighborhood, the pastels of springtime are being replaced by the red, white and blue of our nation’s colors.

Spring is turning to summer. I hope you didn’t miss it. Our seasons might be more subtle than in the north. We’re lucky. We are green year round. But to those who say, “I miss the seasons up north,” I just smile as I listen to fireworks staccato my quiet evenings on the porch. Mosquitos plan their attacks. Stars wait until late to come out. I just wish we had lightning bugs.

Enjoy your Suncoast Summer.

Terri Edmund White
Talk or Text: 941/720-3670

Photo from Joe Baker, Sarasota.

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