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Sarasota Students Have a Fairy Godmother

Sarasota Students Have a Fairy Godmother

| Laura Bell Adams |

Sarasota, Florida- September is that magical time of year when Floridians pretend that they are Northerners and come out to support their local football teams. Whereas Friday night lights up north might include blue jeans, a cute hat with a furry ball on top and a hoodie embellished with the home team’s name, in Florida it is flip flops, shorts and a tank top. In other words, business as usual.

But there really is something special about fall sports and school events which bring the town together, even if it is sans the hot chocolate and warm sweatshirts. It is the beginning of the school year, beginning of pumpkin lattes and apple pies. It is fall in Florida, and school kids are about to get their glamour and glitz on in the first formal dance of the year. 



One of the time-honored traditions which many remember as a highlight of their high school days is the Homecoming tradition. It is a time for boys and girls to come together to cheer on the team, possibly with a pep rally or a float in a parade. There may be parties and cheerleaders and game day jitters, but two things are certain…. there will be a football game and there will most definitely be a dance. Generally, the Homecoming game is between the two rivals in the league, just to muster up a bit more excitement. It is a time for alumni and current students alike to come together to share and create memories. It truly can be a magical time in the life of a high school student. But, what if the funds are not in the household budget to cover dresses and accessories that most kids take for granted but that some may never come to own. Thankfully for local girls, there is an organization making sure everyone has a dress and all the accoutrements to make the night special and memorable.

Cinderella's Closet helps girls with free prom and homecoming gowns.Sponsored by the Sarasota Classified Teachers Association, Cinderella’s Closet is a haven, an angel of sorts, for local girls who just can’t swing the overly excessive costs that are associated with formal dances. Whereas some girls are fielding prom-posals with subsequent spa appointments for hair, makeup and nails, other girls are left wondering how it can possibly all come together. Enter Cinderella’s Closet. This community gem offers free prom and homecoming gowns to all Sarasota County high school students. Without a heavy load of paperwork or judgement, kids can enter Cinderella’s Closet and leave with a beautiful gown donated by area residents. We all know that most formal dresses are one and done, meaning they will never see the light of day after worn on that main event. So, for these girls, they are inheriting beautiful gowns, often flawless and go-ready to make the dance an evening to remember.

Cinderella's Closet also has the accessories girls need to complete their prom outfits.In addition to prom gowns, Cinderella’s Closet also offers shoes, accessories and graduation dresses. They will be open for Homecoming shopping on Monday, September 23 from 4 PM to 7PM and again on Friday, September 27 from 4PM to 7PM. The Fairy Godmother at Cinderella’s Closet wants you to spread the word that dresses are available! And, if you happen to have a gown hanging in the back of your closet, or perhaps a sparkly bag or extra pair of strappy sandals, how about considering donating them to Cinderella’s Closet? What a joy you could be to a girl in need. Cinderella’s Closet is located at 4440 Beneva Road. For more information, please visit their FB page here.

Photos courtesy of Free Prom Gowns in SRQ Facebook page.

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