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Sarasota Parents, Relax

Sarasota Parents, Relax

| Laura Bell Adams |

And off they go! As I am writing this, students across Sarasota County are finishing up end-of-summer activities. Like the final scoop of peanut butter or remaining potato chip in the bag, they are devouring every last morsel of summer fun. And, by the time that you are reading this, you will have a couple of days under your belts as school parents once again.

What is a “school parent?” Well, it is that second or possibly third job that you take on the minute your kids get on that glorious yellow bus. Yes, there is a moment or two of absolute exhilaration, whether you are a helicopter parent, hands off type, or the kind wishing you were in a helicopter with hands on a glass of wine, every mom and dad goes through a moment of reckless abandon when their littles begin school each fall. After all, parents are legally bound to have their children educated every day, and there is not a thing in the world the kids can do about that. Sure, they can fuss and argue their way through breakfast and most of the ride to school, but in the end, you win, parents, because they eventually have to get out.



When your child returns to school, that means you are back on the proverbial rat’s wheel. It is going to be tough, parents, so buckle up. Whether you are just starting out with fresh-faced Kindergartners and have your volunteer days ahead planned down to the accoutrements you will add to the classroom as “new mom.” Or, maybe you are in the middle area dealing with puberty head on like a champion – -keep taking the swings and avoiding the brush-ups, because the hormones do even out, I promise. This is right where I am, in middle zone and also stepping into the high school arena with my new freshman. My volunteer days are mostly over as far as hands-on helping but I cherish the time I spent in the early years, grading papers and sneaking peeks at my boys. I used to get lost in those moments having to remind myself I was there for the good of all the children, not just my own. Soon, practices, parties, fund-raisers, meets, matches and games will have parents frantically trying to fit it all in. Are you ready?

Good things are going to happen.This year, I plan on reminding myself that my hard work as a parent should be rewarded and I hope you do the same. We have compiled a list of three amazing local destinations that will make your weekend feel like a holiday and your mundane Monday feel more like a relaxing Sunday. They won’t break the bank, are easy to schedule on a whim, or don’t schedule at all, as these places accommodate that last minute “I need a break, please” moments. Happy school year, parents. You too, kids.

Salt of the Earth, 4037 Clark Rd, Sarasota

This place is very therapeutic if you are in the mood for something a little different. What I originally thought of as an all-around relaxation experience, more for the mind than the body, has become a great sinus relief for locals struggling with the seasonal sniffles. Reducing inflammation and clearing airways is a welcomed relief when you feel like you have a perpetual cold. If you want to catch it on the fly, a single session in the Main Salt Room will run you $35. The treatment begins every hour, on the hour, and lasts 45 minutes. Plenty of other options, including accommodations for private gatherings are available. Visit for more information.

Warm Mineral Springs, 12200 San Servando Ave, North Port

We have said it before and we will say it again – – if you are not taking advantage of this watering hole, with the highest mineral content in the United States and third highest in the world, you are missing out. Hundreds of feet deep in the center of the lake, with thousands of gallons of fresh water bubbling up every hour really immerse you in completely mineral-rich waters. Truly, an experience with a definite Old-Florida flare. For hours and prices, please visit  City of Northport

Wild Ginger Apothecary, 6557 Superior Ave, Sarasota, FL

This place packs a lot of punch into not only their space but their events calendar. Though primarily a CBD boutique, they are also a great source for oils, candles, crystals, smudge and incense. But perhaps the best part is the unique activities they provide for an eclectic group of people in their expansive lounge and studio areas. From tarot card readings to CBD coffee hours and Yin Yoga training, you can stray from the norm a bit all while hanging out in the cool Gulf Gate area. Check out all of their offerings at  Wild Ginger Apothecary

Photos courtesy of Deposit Photos and Wild Ginger Apothecary FB

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