Sarasota Needs More Summer

Sarasota Needs More Summer

I try to look away when I enter a store and see the “Back to School” signs and piles of markers and pencils blocking my way. For starters, I get so annoyed with retailers trying to move time along faster than it naturally proceeds.

They make us think of Halloween costumes before the kids get on the bus for the first day of school, quickly followed by Christmas wreaths and reindeer jingles on the intercom in October. It is maddening and nauseating, all in one. And, although I am super excited to begin another year in the classroom professionally, “back to school” means less time with my own children and the beginning of the fast school-year grind. My attitude is more akin to how a 13-year-old looks at piles of homework or time away from Fortnite…..which is Noooooooo!!!!!




Summer is to relax in Sarasota, FLThis summer, we have relaxed. My plans for those precious days with the boys were to not plan at all and it’s been pretty darn chill. Currently, my youngest, the dog and I are lounging in said child’s room with a movie. It’s not quite noon, nobody has eaten and I am thinking a big pile of bacon might complement our already consumed sodas. There are vague discussions of the library when we get around to it, followed by a family movie marathon later when their dad gets home. Showers will be taken by most of us, though I cannot vouch for the dog or the youngest, and I am quite full of bliss. Don’t judge, I’ll begrudgingly get my mom game together when August arrives, but for now, nobody is being irrevocably harmed by our summer of slumber.

With these next few weeks posing opportunities for end-of-summer fun, what will you and your brood be doing? We have compiled a short list of fun-do’s that are an easy excursion without a lot of fuss. We hope you are enjoying the “here and now” of summer and less focused on fall’s happenings. You just walk right past those crayons and supply lists like a summer boss when you enter Target. Head right on in for some more snow cone mix or banana split fixings to make the day more special because summers only last so long.

Selby Gardens’ Splashin’ Saturdays, 10 AM to 12 PM, $20 adults, $10 children ages 4-17

Geared for toddlers to tweeners, this event is a wonderful water-logged way to entertain the gang. Waterslides, games and activities are better served up under hundred year old banyan trees with breezes blowing in off of Sarasota Bay. Gather your friends and make it an extra special time in the Ann Goldstein Children’s Rainforest Garden located inside of Selby Gardens. For details, please visit Selby Gardens Events

Bayfront Park, 2 Marina Plaza Sarasota

Relaxing this summer in Sarasota, FLWhat I love about Bayfront Park is you can park the car, and not get back in until hours later and there will be no boredom in-between. You cannot say that about many park visits. The day can be spent enjoying a beautiful playground, outdoor splash pad, stunning harbor with beautiful yachts and a great meal at O’Leary’s Tiki Bar and Grill or Marina Jack’s. Or, bring a picnic and your guitar or easel and artist’s brush if that is your passion, because you will see many people of all walks of life hanging out and doing their thing.

Summer Circus Spectacular, Tues-Fri 11 AM and 2 PM and Sat 2PM and 5PM, $16 adults/$12 kids

Presented by The Ringling and The Circus Arts Conservatory, these thrilling high-wire shows will run through Aug 3 at the Historic Asolo Theater. Inspiring generations of children to reach higher, swing farther, and to unleash their inner birds to soar, Sarasota’s circus heritage belongs to your children as well, so treat them to a show they will not soon forget. Please visit Circus Arts SRQ for more information.

Photos courtesy of Jodi Schwarzenbach.

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