Sarasota Celebrates “National Make a Dog’s Day”

Sarasota Celebrates “National Make a Dog’s Day”

Do you have a faithful, furry friend always ready to greet you at the door with vivacious tail wags, a smiley snout, and excited yelps?

If so, then you know that showing of love can take the edge off a tough day and set the tone for a relaxing evening with the family. Dogs can do that and so much more. If you are feeling sick or have the blues, your dog will knowingly snuggle up, letting you know you have a friend nearby, for whatever ails you. They are your companion, your soulmate, your lifeline. October 22nd is National Make a Dogs Day, where pet parents are encouraged to do something extra special for their canine buddies. Sponsored by a partnership between Subaru and the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) this is a day to go all-out for our family pets and to consider fostering or adopting a dog.



The author, Jodi, with her dog.Have you seen the cute Subaru commercials where the “Barkley’s”, an overly adorable family of dogs, complete with impatient puppies in the back, take us on their road trip adventures? Currently, the one airing that has the puppy waving to the semi driver to honk his horn is quite adorable. Coming soon we will see the Barkley family head to the car wash, out to dinner, and even having to deal with “no dogs allowed.” Life issues portrayed by dogs is something I can really get behind. As part of Subaru’s continued commitment to animals, they will be donating $10 for every item bought from the ASPCA’s #Makeadogsday/Amazon Smile Charity Lists between October 14-22, 2019.

The author's son with the family dog.Subaru is also encouraging those who might be undecided about fostering or adopting a pet to jump in. Much like marriage and having children, the “right” time will never come if you are waiting on that before adding a dog to your home. But, the payoff of a loving pet can add years to your life and make every day worth living. As a dog rescuer a few times over, I can only say that my dogs are like children; only they never talk back, always give their love as though they’ll never see me again, and take away my stress and anxiety like no medicine ever could. According to the ASPCA, 3.3 million dogs enter animal shelters annually, which is about six dogs every minute. The numbers are staggering, and yet, people still spend needlessly to obtain a pet from breeders and puppy mills. Enough is enough folks, if you have not heard, the best dogs are those who have been rescued. Their gratitude will change your life. Okay, stepping down from soapbox and getting on to the business of how you can make your dog’s day on October 22.

Locally, we are privy to an abundance of dog parks and beaches to let our four-leggers roam free for a bit. If you have time before or after work on National Make a Dog’s Day, consider taking your puppy pal out for some much-needed exercise. I like to top these trips off with a run through McDonald’s for a small vanilla ice-cream or plain burger, because dog’s need to splurge too. Many of our pet markets, restaurants and pubs are “pet friendly” so grab your dog-boo and head out for a brew. And, if you are one of those crazy people who does not yet know that you NEED a dog, stop by your local shelter to donate a bag of food or some old blankets. Be sure to say hello to a “special needs” dog, the one with the limp or the grey on his brow, or the one who has gotten a bad rap simply because of its color. If you look closely into their eyes and give just a little bit of time to make their lives better, you may find everything that has been missing in your own.

More information on National Make a Dog’s Day here. 

Photos courtesy of Jodi Schwarzenbach.


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