Rescuing Dogs On the Suncoast

Rescuing Dogs On the Suncoast

A few weeks ago, a little furry creature entered our world. In one of those special moments that feels like a gift, we laid eyes on him while he studied us, and a silent lifetime pact was made. The papers were signed, and we headed out to introduce our new friend to the rest of the family. On the ride home we kept assuring him we were a good family, would always be sweet to him and he would be okay. Though he could probably sense we are nice people, his little body trembled with the fear of the unknown. He eventually tucked his little head into my husband’s arms, took a long sigh and feel sound asleep. Fast forward to now and “Tuck” is the happiest little puppy we have ever seen. That is what Rescuing Dogs on the Suncoast is all about.

So much happens when you get a puppy

So much happens when you get a puppy. For those who are parents of a human baby, the process of puppy-rearing is similar. Nesting is something most expectant mothers go through, where you prepare your home with all the necessities a baby needs, cleaning, organizing and babyproofing everything in advance. With a puppy, you soon learn a “nesting” process is necessary for your furry babies too. In advance of their arrival, all choking, and health hazards need to be picked up, a comfy spot where they will feel safe is necessary, and you had better have your cleaning materials handy, because messes will be made.

It is a tough process, and one that really tests your dedication to the process of being a pet-parent. But it is so worth it. I hardly even remember the first days of potty-training and sleepless nights as I currently sit and snuggle this warm bundle of fur. The time I spend outside with Tuck, while he frolics in the grass and delights in his big yard and playmate, Gracie, is so cathartic. It is difficult to be sad or feel negative in anyway in the presence of Tuck.

We got our forever pup from Rescue Garage

We got our forever pup from Rescue Garage, a nonprofit organization that “rescues, retrains, rehabilitates and re-homes” at-risk dogs. Located in North Port, we had been hearing wonderful stories about this group and started following their adoption events on social media. We have always gotten our dogs from rescues but were very excited about working with a local organization. The application process was very thorough and included us providing references and past medical histories of our family pets.

Though they normally conduct in-home visits to verify the conditions the animal will live in, COVID-19 concerns meant we had to film pertinent areas of the home and yard and send in for their review. They also went over different plants that were harmful to the home so we could be prepared. In the end, we were not only completely infatuated with Tuck, but buoyed by the notion that so many local animals are undoubtedly ending up in great homes thanks to Rescue Garage.

Adopt from Rescue Garage

For more information about Rescue Garage and rescuing dogs on the Suncoast, please visit They have several ways for you to get some puppy love into your life whether through adopting, fostering, or donating to their wonderful organization. My experience has been though they say we rescued him; it is the dog who rescued us.

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Photos courtesy of Rescue Garage Facebook page

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