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Real Estate

Real Estate is a Box of Chocolates

| Ray Collins |

When I got in real estate a few years ago, friends compared me to fictional actor Forest Gump, who had an uncanny ability of good timing.  I admit I may have “lucked out” at the timing of getting my license.  The past few years were indeed rewarding: I was fortunate to buy and/or sell more than $50 million dollars worth of residential and commercial properties—enough to win awards with my company three years in a row.

But now we’re in a new market—and it’s no longer the sellers who are in control.  It’s calmer out there now.  There’s an expression making the rounds that “the only people moving now are due to death, divorce or a job change.”

Real Estate

Add to that the upcoming anticipated commission changes handed down by the National Association of Realtors.  Even though commissions have never been etched in stone, the process will soon be as clear as mud. Changes take effect this summer.

Because of my first few “lucky” years, I’m not fretting.  However, I hear the slow market as well as the upcoming commission changes are suppressing the number of active and potential Realtors.

Sarasota will always be a relatively dynamic market.  People are always coming and going here—unlike some stagnant cities in other parts of the country.


I’ve been asked to help sell a couple new boutique condo projects—that coincidentally have the same numerical address:  625 S. Palm and 625 Golden Gate Point.  Consequently, the projects are being marketed as

I came from a smaller city (Buffalo), went to a small college (St. Bonaventure) and prefer living in a “great big town” like Sarasota as opposed to a major metro like Tampa, Orlando or Miami.  So, it should come as no surprise I wouldn’t’ want to live in a high-rise on the bayfront where I would have to wait for an elevator anytime I want to get something out of my car. I also like living within walking distance to downtown or the intracoastal.

Real Estate

These two “625 Sarasota” real estate projects are only 12 units per building, hence the term “boutique’ condo buildings.  Developers plan to break ground in the coming weeks first on S. Palm (at Alderman) and then Golden Gate Point as a later date.

I hope you’ll keep me in mind if you have any real estate goals—and hopefully it’s due to a job change, and not a death or divorce.

Ray Collins is a top Realtor for Coldwell Banker.  He’s also an elected official, media consultant and former TV news anchor.

Photos Courtesy of Ray Collins

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