Peach’s in the Morning in Sarasota & Manatee Counties

Peach’s in the Morning in Sarasota & Manatee Counties

On a recent outing with a friend, I rediscovered a Suncoast treasure that still serves up the fluffiest eggs and hottest coffee.

We needed a quick morning bite to fill some time and I instantly thought of Peach’s. Though I wasn’t familiar with the neighborhood we were in, I knew Peach’s are everywhere so, with a quick search on Google Maps, we were pulling into their parking lot within five minutes.



If you have ever eaten at a Peach’s restaurant, you can be assured of two things: The food will be great, and the dining room will be full. When we walked up to the Peach’s, located in the Southeast Plaza off Bee Ridge Rd. on this day, there was standing room only inside, with plenty of stragglers patiently waiting outside. The thing about Peach’s is although the wait looks intimidating, they are super quick at getting diners in and out, without making you feel rushed in any way.

Peach's offers great soups!Throughout Manatee and Sarasota Counties there are 10 Peach’s locations that have been delighting diners for the past twenty years. Open seven days a week from 6 AM to 2:30 PM, they are known for fresh food, served up fast, with consistently friendly service. My first experiences with Peach’s began in the ‘90s when I loved to begin Saturday mornings with a fresh Peach’s breakfast at the Bradenton locations. I have always enjoyed the constant hubbub of a morning restaurant, with waitresses topping off your coffee much quicker than you could possibly sip, and smells of bacon and waffles drifting from the kitchen. During my second pregnancy, it was their spinach salad that satisfied my cravings for strawberries and that tangy-sweet dressing they top the greens with. And that chicken salad – -we will get to that in a moment.

Peach's had great breakfasts.So, how diverse is the menu and what prices can you expect from Peach’s? First, pricewise, you cannot beat the costs for what arrives on your plate. Every meal on the menu is under $10, so it is very affordable. For a Peach’s Big Breakfast Combo which comes with two eggs, meat choice, two pancakes, potatoes or fresh fruit choice, you pay $8.99. A variety of healthier options are offered too, including the Siesta Key Omelette, which is loaded with colorful veggies, and the Peach’s Protein Wrap which is full of turkey, salsa and spinach. They serve homemade granola and offer freshly made soups and wraps, sandwiches, and burgers for the afternoon crowd. Their popular chicken salad sandwich is a standout with an abundance of flaky chicken breast served on the softest bread and buns imaginable. But it is even amped up further when paired with their crunchy coleslaw. If you are a “slaw” fan, you must order it as an accompaniment to your lunch order, it is so good!

Peach’s restaurants are great little reminders that a quick meal at a diner, with all the chatter and activity, is a great way to kick off a weekend or any day. You get in and out, which is what you want, but while you are there, the fresh food and friendly staff really feed your hunger and soul. It was so nice to revisit a random Peach’s on a lazy Saturday all these years later to find they still have the best breakfasts around. And that service – – our coffee never got cold. For more information on Peach’s restaurants, please visit their website at

Photos courtesy of Peach’s Restaurant Bee Ridge Road Facebook page.


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