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Party Like a Sock Star With DEFY Bradenton

If you have children of any age, then you are well versed in the massive fun a trampoline park can provide. DEFY Bradenton has become a home away from home for kids who find stretching their legs to be plain boring. So, they enter the doors of this popular trampoline park with a cartwheel, barrel roll or full-on body flop into the foam pit. While in quarantine, kids are dreaming of the day they can go a little wild at their favorite trampoline park again.

In the meantime, DEFY Bradenton is about to knock your socks off with an incredible contest. To enter, participants simply record themselves having a ball in their iconic trampoline socks. That’s right, just show off your best moves, upload the video to DEFY Airparks Facebook page and you will be entered to win some great prizes including the chance to win free entry to all DEFY parks for a year. As parents we all understand the first place our kids will want to visit post-quarantine is DEFY Bradenton, so get your entries in early.

Interview with GM Spencer Wright

We had the opportunity to speak with the General Manager of DEFY Bradenton, Spencer Wright, about this promotion and the future opening of DEFY Bradenton and here’s what he had to say.

Suncoast Post: When we all resume some sense of normalcy, please tell me what can guests at DEFY Bradenton expect?
DEFY Bradenton: They can expect the same active and fun environment as before. DEFY has always made the safety and cleanliness of our park a top priority, and we will be enforcing this now more than ever with new procedures to ensure the health and safety of our guests.

SP: How do you differentiate yourself from similar businesses in the area?
DB: At DEFY, the guest experience is all about creating memorable moments. We believe in crafting every aspect of a guest’s experience, including a variety of exciting attractions, personal customer service, and a modern environment.

SP: Do you expect to resume summer camps or special events for the kids after the end of this school year?
DB: We plan to follow all the guidelines set by the CDC. We will share more information as updated guidelines are released.

Sock Star Promotion

SP: How did you come up with the DEFY Sock Star promotion?
DB: Our parks are an avenue for a lot of kids to stay active, release energy, and challenge themselves to accomplish great things. With our parks temporarily closed, we wanted to find a way to encourage kids to continue those habits in a fun, easy way. Everyone loves a friendly competition, so we decided a great way to do it and still be socially distant would be to host a virtual competition to keep kids moving while also giving away some great prizes that kids can enjoy once our park is back open.

SP: What are the prizes for the contest and when does it begin and end?
DB: The competition runs through May 10. We’ll be selecting ten winners who will get a golden sock keychain that grants them free entrance to any Defy park for a year, and a free pair of socks at each visit for their lifetime!

Importance of staying fit

Children playing at DEFY Bradenton
Children playing at DEFY Bradenton

SP: Can you talk about the importance of kids staying fit and active during this hiatus from their normal schedules?
DB: The mental health of today’s youth is declining, in large part because of increased screen time, which was true even before schools closed and everyone started staying home. It’s led to depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and other health problems, and experts are saying those will only increase during quarantine. DEFY parks have always been an outlet for kids dealing with those and other health concerns, not only because of the endorphins they feel from being active, but also because of the real social interactions they experience there. This virtual competition is a way to continue encouraging healthy, active kids and gives them something fun to participate in and distract them from what’s going on in the world, even if just for a moment.

SP: Will there be anything new and exciting at DEFY Bradenton when you reopen?
DB: We are working on a new slide attraction, actually! The official date for when it will be fully functioning has not been set, but we hope to have it completed soon!

For more information on the DEFY Sock Star contest, please visit,

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Photos courtesy of Jake Brian Photography.

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