As the landscape of our workplace has changed drastically throughout 2020 and the pandemic that took us all by surprise, home office (remote) work options have skyrocketed. In the beginning, this seemed a temporary inconvenience that has long since started to become the new normal for many. If you areContinue Reading


Venice Theatre will reopen Sept. 26, 2020 after being closed due to COVID-19 since March 13, 2020.  Venice Theatre is happy to announce its return to live theatre, beginning Saturday, Sept. 26, 2020.  The theatre has followed the recommendations of medical and community advisors, and now it is ready toContinue Reading


In the past, people have thought of a “staycation,” as a stay-at-home affair. Hang around the house and maybe take a day trip or two. Not anymore. The folks from VisitFlorida are re-defining the word. Staycation now means a vacation in Florida. After all, Florida is our home – andContinue Reading


Florida’s food scene is arguably one of the best in America, largely down to its huge array of fresh produce and seafood unrivaled by many parts of the country. Then there are excellent pizza places like Bravo’s Pizzeria, alongside plenty of burger joints, taco hotspots, and the like to chooseContinue Reading


It’s a small world after all, especially if you’re looking at it through a lens.  The beauty of photography is that you can make the mundane seem remarkable. Let me start from the beginning – sort of. My husband, whom I affectionately refer to as “My Artie”, had done someContinue Reading


Every time I strap on a mask, I wonder how much longer we’ll have to do it.  How many times have you gone back to the car to retrieve a mask to go in a store? Even after this pandemic is over, I wonder if some people will still chooseContinue Reading


Any animal lover will attest to the fact that our pets are more to us than just companions.  Some would go as far as saying they are like children.  Ok, with all due respect to my human kids and my husband, I am no exception.  In fact, our two GoldenContinue Reading


Acknowledging your gratitude for all that encompasses your journey through life is essential.  As we get older, that becomes abundantly clearer.  But sometimes you must shout your thankfulness to the rafters.  When you do that, it not only clears your soul for whatever is next, it also, hopefully, conveys justContinue Reading