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Over 30% of America Earns $50K a Year or Less and Can't Cover Food, Housing

Over 30% of America Earns $50K a Year or Less and Can’t Cover Food, Housing

| Sande Caplin |

These are good people, working hard yet barely financially getting by. There are nonprofit programs that lend a little helping hand in so many ways!  A hand up, not a handout, that pays a month’s rent, mortgage or utility bill…so hard-working families aren’t forced to choose between food or the roof over their head. Programs for school supplies, low-cost summer camp or sports teams…so kids get opportunities to become strong productive adults. There are over 130,000 nonprofits, well-funded by money donated each year.

This book is a roadmap to help families find those nonprofit programs…because too few eligible ‘middle class’ families apply!  Millions of folks believe that because they work, they’re not eligible!  Many don’t know about these programs. Many more scroll hundreds of lists online…and get lost and discouraged trying to find the right 20-30 programs! No book and very few websites provide guidance.  And millions of kids with 2 working parents go to bed hungry some nights. 

How do I know? In 2002 my kids and I were homeless due to unpaid child support. I knew about these programs from my decades working for nonprofits. I was a successful grant writer, so I knew how to submit accurate applications!  And yet sometimes I was lost or confused by the process!  That’s why I share this book, this step-by-step self-help guide to Find. Apply. Receive from as many as 30 programs which specifically ‘fit’  family needs and income level!  So otheFr kids can have a better, kinder childhood than mine did. 

When guided to find these dollars, eligible families can access $1,000s per person.  Together we can distribute this guidebook, this powerful navigation tool!  

We are relying on the passion and caring of people like you to spread the word!  Find. Apply. Receive.

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YouTube: Homeless Not Roofless–A First Hand Account

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