Over 150 Less Fortunate Kids Receive Christmas Gifts From the Blessing Bags Project in Bradenton, Florida

Over 150 Less Fortunate Kids Receive Christmas Gifts From the Blessing Bags Project in Bradenton, Florida

It was a joyous day on December 15, 2019. The Blessing Bags Project held their annual Christmas Party at the Swordfish Grill in Cortez, Florida. Santa arrived by boat and put on a smile for 81 kids who attended the event with their parents.

Another 72 kids who could not attend the party received gifts that were delivered by the volunteers from the Blessing Bags Project. Another 60 Christmas stockings were delivered to Centerstone Hospital.



Betsy Plante, President of the Blessing Bags Project, wants to thank so many folks and organizations who made this all possible:

*Swordfish Grill: Provided Breakfast with Santa
*First Church of the Nazarene was a partner (financial, wrapping location, and providing kids)
*Hungers End Manatee provided food bags and a Publix gift card.
*Cortez Deep Sea Fishing delivered Santa, Elves, and BATMAN (the kids went wild!)
*Snoopy was the meet and greet at the door.
*Tanisha and Dwight Henry provided photo booth
*Coco Joe’s Italian Ice
*Face Painting volunteers
*One of our big supporters, “Jo Starr”, flew in from Philadelphia to help prepare and attend the kids party.
*Kids and families had a fabulous breakfast. The staff at the Swordfish Grill were over the top!
*A huge shout out to “Hugs and Stitches” sewing group led by Mary Beth Zirk-Perez and Durretta Inman. They provided handmade fleece blankets to every child. You could see the kids’ faces light up. They work all year long preparing for our kids to have a blanket to cuddle and keep warm!
*Vicky Sullivan & Laura Bell Adams for taking photos & videos of the event.

The sponsor $$ has been flowing in to make this all possible. People see what we do on Facebook and go to the website or mail in donations. This has been our biggest year. Thanks to Swordfish Grill, Clancy’s Irish Pub, and Toys for Tots, and so many in our community we were able to bless so many…and it is not Christmas Day yet! Yesterday we learned of a new single Mom with 3 children who had no Christmas tree or gifts. She was homeless for 5 weeks and just moved into her new place. 5 minutes after posting on Facebook, the need was filled! Life is Good with The Blessing Bags Project! – Betsy Plante (The Blessing Bags Project President and Co-Founder)

Enjoy the video!



Photos & Video from Vicky Sullivan / The Sarasota Post & Sande Caplin and Associates

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