Nine Creative Gulf Coast Costumes

Nine Creative Gulf Coast Costumes

Halloween is quickly arriving before we know it and, if you’re anything like me, you may be a bit behind in your planning.

On the Gulf coast it’s hard to anticipate Halloween when it’s still consistently 90 degrees out. Maybe you’ve even procrastinated your costume prep until… Well, right now.

Sure, you could scour through the very scary aisles of Walmart to spend a pretty penny on a pre-packaged costume and dress up easily (and generically). But, you can still be hopeful on putting together an original costume of your very own that will sure to WOW those you’re celebrating with.



Don’t be generic, there is plenty of creative costume inspiration right here in our beautiful Gulf Coast. So, I’ve compiled 9 last-minute costumes just for those of you in the Sarasota/Bradenton/Anna Maria Island area. You may even already have most of these items in your home! Remember, we’re not here to offend anyone, just paying homage to the characters that make our area so unique.

A tourist costume would be fun!Tourist
If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Just grab the brightest Hawaiian shirt you have or some tie-dyed tees emblazoned with “ANNA MARIA ISLAND, FLORIDA” on them. Add some socks and flip-flops, fake a sunburn, rock your sunglasses and maybe even throw on a straw hat.

Bonus Points: Talk about how you’re “not REALLY a tourist because my family’s been vacationing here for years!”

Fair-weather Fan
Another very common sighting in this area, the fair-weather fan! Put on your favorite Bucs, Lightning, or Rays jersey. Then, be sure to wear a Yankees, Patriots, or Penguins shirt to peek out from under it! You know, for if the night starts to take a turn. Carry a fan around and you’re all set!

Bonus Points: Refer to any of the Tampa teams as “a rag-tag group that’s fun to watch” or “a lotta talent, too bad they’re just NOT a playoff team” in your thickest Northeastern accent.

Red Tide
Dress in all red and affix a Tide logo to your chest. Don’t do this unless you’re ready and willing to be shunned at the party.

Bonus Points: Be prepared to mediate an argument about “totally naturally occurring” vs. other effects.

The base of this iconic outfit? White rubber boots and a Performance long-sleeve with a “Swordfish Grill” or “Killer Bait” logo and some unapologetic fish stains on it. Add khaki cargo shorts or swimsuit bottoms, a hat, and sunglasses. You’re ready to go!

Bonus Points: If people realize you’re dressed up and are not just an authentic Cortezian who was too busy working to put together a costume.

A Snooty Angel costume?Snooty
Shout out to our area’s beloved mascot for many years, Snooty. You may still have an old Snooty shirt from back in the day laying around, or you can get really creative and conjure up a manatee costume. Add a halo and some angel wings.

Bonus Points: Make a toast to the late, great, Baby Snoots.

Island Rat
Rock a throwback Anna Maria Elementary school t-shirt or your old soccer jersey from The Community Center. Plus, mouse ears, whiskers, and a tail. Barefoot, obviously.

Bonus Points: Walk around trying to differentiate who is a true Island Rat by asking them to list their grade school teachers.

Put on a white wig and some white old-fashioned clothes. Add white bird feathers, wings, and snowflake accents.

Bonus Points: Never drive the speed limit.

Australian Pine
Wear your forest green get-up and fasten some branches to it! Glue some old coquina shells around the bottom of your pants. Draw tear drops under your eyes and, of course, speak in an Australian accent! Warn partygoers that you’re invasive but beloved by your community.

Bonus Points: Throw shade all night.

Spaghetti Model
Hurricanes can be scary, so the best way to make light of it is to pay tribute to their very unpredictable “Spaghetti Models”. Wear your best supermodel outfit (fierce make-up, sassy dress, high heels, a dapper suit) and then affix some spaghetti-colored yarn and meatball-like pom-poms haphazardly all over your outfit.

Bonus Points: Perfect that runway walk but sharply turn at the last second to various unexpected directions.

Happy Halloween!

Photos from Deposit Photos.

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