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Seven C Father’s Day

Navigating the Seven C’s as Father’s Day Approaches

| Sheri Nadelman |

I’m writing this as Father’s Day approaches with the realization of how our dads influence us many times in very subtle ways.

Music has always been a huge part of my life.  It’s no secret that my dream was to be a singer ever since I was old enough to talk.  When I was a kid, my dad brought home a generic guitar which was probably to make up for the piano I so desperately wanted but we couldn’t afford.  I learned a few basic chords courtesy of my next-door neighbor who was taking lessons.  Before long I was able to accompany myself while singing Crosby, Stills Nash and Young tunes.  I was 12.

Fast forward a few decades. That generic guitar has long been gone but its impact has been engrained into my very being.  It’s been replaced by several other more impressive instruments by manufacturers like Fender, Martin, Gibson and Taylor.  One is a Taylor T-5.  I played that one at a performance one night not long ago, when a gentleman made his way over to chat with me about it.  He wanted to be sure I knew that the very guy who developed that model at Taylor Guitars has a shop of his own in St Petersburg.  I had no clue. I needed to go there.

Seven C Father’s Day

I made my way to the funky Warehouse Arts District in St. Petersburg to where the father and son Hosler-family-owned Seven C Music is located.  “The guy” is former Taylor Guitar VP and Master Luthier, David Hosler who, along with his son Joel and his wife Tiffany, run a unique and very cool venue.  Part guitar repair and retail shop, part coffee shop/wine bar and part live music venue,  Seven C is like no shop I’ve ever seen.

David is quite humble about his colorful background which, in my opinion, is nothing short of amazing.  The Sarasota native grew up in an environment where his inquisitive nature was fueled by an array of people that influenced his desire for building things and that nurtured his craft.  His father built and raced hydroplanes.  David was introduced to woodworking where he developed a passion for crafting instruments and built his first guitar from scratch.  I’m probably leaving out so many other interesting facts but here are a few I’ve learned.   He was a black water river archeological diver, a gymnast, and a trapeze artist with Ringling Brothers Circus.  He is a sound engineer.  And if that weren’t enough, he is an accomplished musician who toured with some of music’s greats.

Joel Hosler is a singer-songwriter-recording artist, touring musician and a skilled master luthier in his own right.  The Noise Rachet front man joined his dad at Taylor Guitar headquarters.  It didn’t take long for him to work his way from the final assembly department to becoming one of the head repairmen.  He met and married the equally musically accomplished Tiffany who also has an extensive background in design and theater.  Tiffany confessed she always wanted to open a coffee shop!  Joel left Taylor and worked on guitars in his home shop as well as becoming a church worship leader.  This very talented and fun couple have three children, make music together and are very involved with the Calvary Church in St. Pete.  They shared some fun facts with me.  They got married on a reality show and appeared on an episode of Househunters

Seven C Father’s Day

David eventually moved his family to Travelers Rest, South Carolina where he opened The Guitar Workshop.  When he became certified by Taylor guitars, his skills were so impressive that word got back to Bob Taylor who offered him a job at their California headquarters.  David relocated the family where he spent the next 20 years building not only guitars but a career that would flourish and include several patents.  He was part of the development team that lead to the Taylor Expression System, a pickup that would be groundbreaking in creating Taylor’s first solid body hybrid acoustic/electric guitar, the T-5.

Despite an offer to stay on with Taylor, David was ready to enjoy retirement back in Florida

Except he didn’t as his son Joel had other plans for his dad.  Which brings me back to the influence our fathers have on us.

Seven C

David put off his plans to go fishing every day as the family embarked on opening Seven Cs in St. Pete.

They outgrew the first location and found the Warehouse District to be a perfect fit for what they envisioned. 

The venue is a favorite among the locals and gaining more popularity as the area grows.  They have a staff of incredibly gifted luthiers who are all experienced with their craft.  I have already had them work on several of my guitars.

Behind the bar on the wall hangs the T-5 prototype.  It made me think of my dad and how proud he was when he handed me that guitar.  I don’t think he ever really knew how much he influenced my life.  I may not be Taylor Swift, but I can sure play a Taylor Guitar.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads who give us more than we ever realize. 

Sheri Nadelman is an accomplished musician, nature photographer, and a frequent contributor to the Suncoast Post.

Social @sherimakesmusic

For more information:

Seven C’s
535 22nd Street South
St. Petersburg, FL 33712

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