Felix Ratner sitting in front of his computer.

My Quarantine Life As a 10 Year Old!

Hi. I am Felix Ratner, I am 10 years old, and I have been stuck at home for 3 weeks so far.

This is what I think of it (my quarantine life!)

It has been both fun and scary. A lot of fun playing videogames, taking walks and reading, yet also, with Covid-19 spreading, it has been frightening to learn how big it has been growing and who has been infected. I think that it could either grow humongously, or stop soon. So for now, we will have to wait and see.

While in quarantine, I have been playing lots and lots of games. Because there was no school, I got to do this more often. I play with my little brother Alfie a lot because he’s generally nice to play with. We play games like Pokemon, Fortnite, and Minecraft. I also do a lot of things with my family. When we can, we go out for a walk in a park, and sometimes we play board games. We have a lot of fun!

There’s more…

But not all I do is play games. Small school assignments have been given already and I am starting to do math and other things. I also read a lot now because I have so much time. I also like to program videogames. I have made a couple of games, most of which are located on my website, spacetuberoads.com. I have made an infinite runner game, a tower defense game, and I’m working on a shooter game. There are other ways to stay busy as well, like my online piano lessons and swimming in our pool.

You can join us!

What really cut off my boredom was a new activity me and my dad thought up called the World’s Largest Zombie Movie. It is basically a giant movie that you can film at home and then send to us. We will put it together and then have a huge movie made by kids all over the world! You can sign up at worldslargestzombiemovie.com. All you have to do is film the film!

The zombie movie and talking to friends online has made it easier to be stuck in isolation. I hope this ends soon, and we can go back to our normal lives.

Photo from Felix Ratner

Editors Note: We love reading how Felix is coping with quarantine and we’d love to hear your story.

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